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How to Meld Your Decor After Moving in Together

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Ahhh, falling in love. Is there anything better? These days, love springs eternal from the online world, but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful. And when the two of you decide that living apart just isn’t going to cut it, you (and your possessions) come together to cohabitate. But here’s the conundrum—you each have your own stuff that reflects your own personalities. How do you marry the two? Follow these tips on how to meld your décor after moving in together.

First, the Purge

Okay, folks, this should be the first and ultimately the most important step. You need to take inventory of what each of you has and, as you now have twice the goods, some things have to go. We know, we know, that life-sized stuffed flamingo was so kitschy in your apartment but let’s face it, it’s not going to meld well with his things. And, you, sir, need to give up on your neon “Bar is This Way” sign. Again, we know it hurts, but it’s time. Compare notes and prioritize and ask yourself of each piece, “Do we really need this? Does this go with his/her stuff? Does it benefit our new living quarters?” If the answer to any of these questions was “no,” it’s got to go. It’s as simple as that.

Get Creative

There might be things that don’t seem to meld at first but think of it in the light of eclecticism. Your antique phone might look perfect atop his wagon wheel table. His bear rug might be just the thing to spice up your slightly ho-hum couch you’ve wanted to replace. That surreal canvas art piece he owns of the guy riding a parrot under the umbrella? Pop it in the red bathroom with some matching towels and listen as the compliments from guests come rolling in. The point is this—just try it. A bit of experimenting never hurt anyone! Modern styles could come together with laissez chic and create something magical. If this doesn’t seem to be working, try using both of your “basics” to your advantage. As this article on notes, “Maybe you’re stuck with a crazy couch or entertainment center– plain black coffee and end tables can give the room a more unified look.” Just think of Switzerland and try out those neutrals.
Get Roomy

If you find yourself really banging heads while melding styles, you might consider giving each other a room to go crazy in. Fair is fair! If you’ve got more bedroom furniture and are most interested in that room, go for it. Let him have the bathroom and/or the den. That way, you both feel like you’ve been able to make your mark on your shared living space. Of course, that means keeping a tight lip if you don’t approve of the final product. Do you really want to risk losing your partner over the fact that he refuses to part with his futon?   

Make it Pinteresting
All you have to do is search “moving in together” on Pinterest and your brain will explode from all the cuteness. They have plenty of suggestions on how to add sentimental touches that will mean something to both of you for years to come. From a frame holding a photo of your first key and first night to the bottom of the tree stump that reads, “Our First Christmas together,” there are plenty of ways to celebrate this sentimental union. Check out personalized home goodies from Hatch.Co and really make your mark on your new place. Sigh. We remember our first apartment.

Welcome Your New Addition

No, not a baby! Well, maybe not just yet. But this is a wonderful time to go shopping together and find something you’d both love to add to your current collections. A bit of his, a bit of yours, and some new additions sounds like the perfect compromise to us. How about a coffee table? It should be easy to find one you both like, and you’ll see it often to remind yourselves of your new commitment. Speaking of that, if you’re ready for the BIG commitment, you might need a bit of help in picking out that perfect engagement ring.

Moving in together? Congratulations? Don’t sweat the purging of possessions. Follow these tips on melding your décor and you’ll be golden.

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