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First Time Mothers - How To Create The Ideal Condition For Your Newborn

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By Jeremy Raynolds

This article will be helpful for all future mothers, but especially if they are expecting a baby for the first time. The health of the newly born baby will depend on the conditions you are going to create for them. And it is said without any exaggeration.


Today you will learn how to create a positive environment for a newborn, so that the baby will feel comfortable there, sleep well, eat and play without any discomfort or risk of disease. In fact, everything is very simple. The most important thing is the air in the nursery! It should not be hot, not dry, just clean and fresh. This article will be especially useful for young parents who has just got their help with essay writing :)

Now let's discuss each point in detail.

1.Cleanness in the children's room
The first thing to do when arranging everything for your infant is to remove all the dust collectors (soft toys, carpets, extra blankets, books, frames, etc). Thus, you also make it easier for yourself to clean the room. By the way, when your little happiness is born, wet cleaning will have to be carried out every day or at least every other day. It is of the primary importance that there is no dust in the room of your baby! Firstly, because of the dust the baby may have problems with breathing (nasal crusts are formed), and, secondly, in household dust can be the main place for many microbes (staphylococci, streptococci, and others). That's why cleanliness is so important when caring for a newborn!

2.Fresh air.
Fresh air is not less essential. Try at least once a day to air the children's room. You can air it during your daily walk. It is very convenient: you open the window before go out, and when you come — close. So simple! Fresh cool air will only benefit the baby in the nursery.

3. Relative humidity.
Not many of us think about such factors as the relative humidity. And this is a very important point that should be also placed in the center of your attention, especially during the cold season when you heat your house/apartment. Since heating reduces humidity on the average in 2 times. Dry air increases the risk of health problems for the baby: drying of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (in other words, the child may begin to cough), skin problems, etc.

The optimum relative humidity in the children's room should range between 50-70%. Your task is to keep it at this level. There are a lot of ways to upkeep this level of humidity: frequent wet cleaning, having an aquarium, decorative fountains, or just open water containers. You can buy an ordinary household humidifier to simplify the task.

4. Temperature range in the nursery.
This brings us to perhaps the most important point - the temperature in the nursery. There are many disputes and many opinions as regards the temperature in the nursery. So how many degrees should there be? From the personal experience of lots of moms, we can say that the temperature in the nursery should not exceed 22 degrees. Let us explain why. The metabolism of the newborn is very intense, a lot of heat is generated during this process. And the baby's body needs to get rid of this heat. There are two ways to do this - through the lungs and through the skin. Air, inhaled by the child, before it reaches the lungs, warms up the body to the temperature of 36.6 Co. Naturally, the heat loss during inhalation of air at 19 C substantially more than at 23C. Accordingly, losses occur through the skin, sweat is formed. Together with sweat there is a loss of water and salt, the reserves of which are insignificant for the baby. Even with a small lack of fluid in the body the work of all organs breaks down. As a result, you may find rash in areas where sweat accumulates, the baby can get sick tummy, thrush may occur in the mouth (white spots), nose - dry crusts that impede breathing. So, the optimal temperature for the child is considered to be 18-20 degrees.

Care after the newborn care is not an easy task, but a happy kid is the biggest reward for your efforts!
Follow our advice and you will definitely have less problems with your baby!

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