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Your Wedding Dress - What No One Ever Told You

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By Zyana Hault

From that magical moment you say yes to the proposal, the first thing that pops up in your head is wedding planning, from the menu, flowers, cake and of course the highlight of your night, the wedding dress. No matter how many times you’ve been the bride’s maid or the numerous weddings you’ve attended. There are just certain things you just won’t find out until the day you put on that wedding dress yourself. Here I am going to discuss few things that no one ever told you about the wedding and things related to it.

Healthy eating throughout the wedding planning process
It’s crucial to stay away from that tempting fudge brownie you’ve had your eye on, at least for days to come till your big day. Also, replace those unhealthy fats with proper vitamins and nutrition’s; you don’t want to gain those extra pounds. Try avoiding food that causes bloating such as whole grain wheat, cold drinks, etc. especially if the wedding dress is well fitted around the stomach and the abdomen area.

Do not go for your usual size
Don’t panic when you pick out your usual size from the rack, and it does not fit. Because bridal dresses are usually tailored one or two sizes smaller than usual street sizes. So no, those munchies you decided to have last night did not go straight to your thighs.

Undergarments (just as important as the dress)
The kind of undergarments you wear under that dress do change the way the dress will look on you. So try to avoid lace or anything that involves frills. At least just the day you go shopping for that dress. Because you don’t want to have last minute regrets on your special day.

It won’t go as planned
No matter how many times you’ve pictured yourself wearing that Kate Moss wedding dress, you just have to let it go. Chances are you won’t be able to find that replica. Even if you do, there’s a likely chance it won’t look good on you. And no, your childhood dreams are not over. We’re just saying you can find something better. Why not go for a dress that fits you better and makes you stand out even more?You’ll thank us later.

Dance it out
When you finally come across the dress you think is the one, dance it out in that dress. Ilana Stern, CEO of Weddington way suggests ‘dancing like there’s no tomorrow’ if that works out well for you that means you’ve found the perfect dress because comfort and the confidence are the keys to the perfect dress.

Ask for discounts
Yes, don’t worry it’s socially acceptable to ask for a discount when it comes to buying your wedding dress. Chances are some may offer you a discount. As some saloons may put forward discount schemes such as buying the groom or the bride’s maid dresses along with the bride’s dress. Be sure to avail that opportunity if that option is available.

So good luck and happy shopping! Just remember, don’tidolise your weddings like in the movies, or you’ll be bound to disappointment. Just relax and enjoy your night. These special moments rarely come.

About the Author:
Zyana Hault is a blogger by profession. She loves to write blogs on superhero movies, celebrity news and fashion, geeks and nerds. She’s a lead blogger at warriorjackets where she blogs about comic cons and superhero costume guides.

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  1. All these above mentioned points are very helpful and important to keep in mind before and after wedding day to make most out of wedding. In any case no one should not leave any loop hole to spoil their big day.


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