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The Role of Women In Society - Essay By a Man

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According to the ‘traditional division’ of social roles, both men and women have their own ‘duties’ in different fields of human life. In the USA and Europe, this unspoken division had existed until the middle of the twentieth century. Men were supposed to work and provide their family. Women had two major roles. They had to fulfill their household duties and bring up children. Who made this unofficial division of social roles? Where did it start and what is the situation now?

The traditional role of a woman is to give birth to her children and bring them up. Centuries ago, this model was more or less logical inasmuch as humanity lived in severe and dangerous time. Nearly every man had to be able to fight and protect his family and settlement. Women were physically weaker; therefore, they stayed at home and took care of their households and children when their husbands participated in battles or hunting.

In fact, women were able to fight in order to protect themselves when their men were out. Thus, a woman had to be multitasking. She had to be careful, loving, responsible and strong at the same time. No wonder, her life was extremely difficult and challenging. What is more, the women of that time did not receive the proper healthcare assistance. Very often, they died during the childbirth. It will not be a mistake to say that pregnancy had a shade of death. An average woman gave birth up to ten children during her entire life. One can say that a woman spent more than 30% of her life being pregnant. Doubtless, this condition is stressful and negative for her physical and psychological health.

This traditional social model still exists even today in a few cultures in the middle East, Africa and Asia. Women hardly have any rights and their social position is very low. They cannot build a successful career and possess their own business. In many countries, women do not have the right to vote. They cannot participate in politics and they cannot occupy the leading positions in corporations. In addition, women do not have the right to show their body on public.

In some countries, women cannot drive or travel alone by law, and they have to hide their face from the surrounding people. In others, women have to marry whoever their parents chose for them, and are sometimes murdered by their family in honor killings when they marry a man by their own choice. Without question, women’s rights are not respected there. There is hardly a judge in a such a traditional society who will take a woman’s side even if she is right.

Fortunately however, the situation has changed recently in most parts of the world. The middle of the twentieth century is associated with the increase of the democratic values, tolerance and equality in European countries and the USA. In most developed countries, women possess solid rights and protection from the side of the government. They no longer need to sacrifice their life for their children and household. They can study, work and develop in the way they want.

Thus, there is a new type of a woman who can reveal her talents and skills in the occupation of her dream. If a woman wants to become a mother, she can do in at any age. Years ago, women had to bear her first child at the age of 16 or at most by 20. The situation is different today. Many women build a career and then by the age of 30 or 35 they think about children. In my opinion, it is right since this woman has solid grounds to provide this child with everything it needs. What is more, women do not have to spend their entire time with a baby. Today, many husbands decide to spend at least a year with their babies while their wives go back to work.

This decision is reasonable inasmuch as a woman should not give up her job if she earns good money. When a woman’s salary is higher, her husband should be ready to spend more of his entire time to take care of their children, as they are his children too. Men no longer have sole monopoly in making money and providing for the home. Modern women can find a good job and earn more than their husbands depending on their skills and experience. Years ago, a man would feel ashamed if his wife earned more money than he does but these days they don't have to.

As you see, women’s social roles are not the same as they used to be. An average woman is able to start a family and build her career in the way she wants. Her rights and opportunities are practically the same as the man. Moreover, the equality of men and women is reached in different fields of human life.

For instance, women can receive the same punishment for a crime and they have to compete for the workplace with men under the same terms. No one will be surprised to see a woman involved into politics, big business and science. Many woman create complicated computer programs, invent medical remedies and construct vehicles. Gender does not influence human career and education.

Unfortunately, there are many developing countries that live according to the stereotypical ‘traditional’ women’s social roles, especially in the rural areas. I guess, the best solution of this stereotypical worldview is education and enlightenment. The more one knows, the broader mind he has. When one is smart and intelligent, he will not divide people and their potential according to their gender allowing all men and women to reach their full potential.


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