Monday, June 13, 2016

Hear It from the Pros: 62 Experts Talk About Relationship Killers

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It’s not very uncommon for couples to not have relationship problems. Problems could arise every now and then due to poor communication, ego, complacency, poor personal habits like excessive smoking and drinking, lack of romance, in-laws/extended family, antisocial bedtime habits, and hundreds of other reasons. However, if you manage to nip the problem in its budding stage, then you’ll have a pretty good chance of leading a beautiful life.

Every relationship (between a husband and wife) has its ups and downs, and the successful couples are the ones that are able to turn a bumpy ride into something smooth. You might find some help by going for counseling, attending seminars and reading relationship books, or simply use trial and error methods to improve the situation. However, getting some advice from experts never hurts!

To know how you can keeping the passion and romance going for years, take a look at this expert roundup that highlights tips from 62 experts on the top relationship killers that could ruin a couple’s life.

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