Friday, June 17, 2016

Great Gift Ideas for Your Groom

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He got down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him, and you’ve never been happier. Before your upcoming nuptials arrive, make sure you have a sweet and sentimental gift ready for your hubby-to-be and utilize this list of creative must-buy romantic presents for the special guy set to become yours for life.

A Saucy Session
Brides of all ages are jumping on the boudoir bandwagon. This saucy trend sees brides posing in lingerie or sometimes going the full Monty and baring all for a professional photo shoot. The prints are then given to the groom on the night before the wedding—what better way to have him excited for the honeymoon?  Make sure you buy new lingerie for the occasion to make for an extra special surprise that you can pull out during your honeymoon.
A Scrapbook
If you’ve saved any mementos from your relationship, whether it be tickets from concerts you attended together, movie stubs, or sweet notes you’ve exchanged, put them to good use and create a scrapbook filled with papers and photos sentimental to the two of you. Start the book with items from the beginning of your relationship and follow the months and years to the current day. Make sure to leave some empty pages at the end for future memories the two of you will make.  
A Fun Activity
Usually it’s not material things that hold the most value but experiences with our loved ones. Add another beautiful memory to the pile by purchasing a special experience for you and your new hubby to take part in after the wedding hubbub has died down. If the pair of you are diehard sports fans, find season tickets to your favorite team. If you’re both music fanatics, grab a ticket to an upcoming concert of your shared favorite artist. This will give you something to look forward to after the honeymoon and provide an avenue through which you can create a new memory.  
A Traditional Gift…With a Twist
A flask is a traditional gift that brides purchase for their grooms, but you can make it special with a bit of customization by having a special message inscribed on the flask. Once you’ve got the flask in order, sweeten the deal and grab a bottle of his favorite libation to fill it with. Want to blow his socks off with your attention to detail? Get a bottle engraved with your names or the date of your wedding; you can find personalized liquor bottles here.
A First Edition Book
Is your guy an avid reader that spends a majority of his time with his nose stuck inside a book? If you know his favorite author and book, you’ve got an advantage when it comes to gift ideas. Perhaps his favorite childhood book was Peter Pan; find a first edition or a gorgeous rendition from The Folio Society. This is a highly sentimental gift idea that he’ll never have received before, and will likely be a prize possession for years to come.
A Honeymoon Surprise
You likely have your honeymoon plans all put in place, but you can make the vacation even better. Depending on your location, there’s guaranteed to be a plethora of activities to take advantage of. If you’re going somewhere tropical, check into snorkeling excursions or other water sports. If you’ll be in a snowy area, see what you can do about a snowmobile rental or ice hotel option. It all depends on what you and groom enjoy doing, and what the area in question has to offer. Either way, planning a special aside for your groom is sure to be a delightful gift. If you will be staying in a resort, use the help of the concierge—they’ll likely have a bevy of suggestions.
With your wedding on the horizon, make sure you’ve given the right amount of thought and time to finding your husband-to-be a lovely wedding gift.

Before you can find the perfect first anniversary gift, you’ve got to get through the wedding gifting process. While you’re likely hustling to get the venue booked, caterers chosen, and cake ordered, don’t forget the small details like finding the perfect present for your husband-to-be.

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