Friday, June 17, 2016

10 Important Things you Need to Fulfill Before your Graduation!

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1. To throw a big party
This may seem too hackneyed but, in fact, you need to have a memorable experience with your group-mates and university friends. Make a big party with interesting contests and lots of pictures. The best option will be to make the party by the pool with cocktails and funny videos or a comedy movie. Several years ahead you will definitely look through the photos and recollect all the best emotions you had during your university years. A party is also a great opportunity to have bonding among your peers and to find really good friends that can become your besties for the rest of you life!

2.Sports! A great opportunity to be socially involved in the university life is to take part in sports activities! This is also a great chance to keep fit and be healthy. A lot of universities offer an exuberance of sports for the students from soccer to swimming and cheerleading! Be the one to make your life more colourful and interesting. This way you will encounter new friends and, by the way, professors value those who are both diligent during their seminars and are active in their extracurricular activities.

3. Make something with your hands! Plant a tree or make some useful device for yourself or your colleagues! This will be a great chance to have a mascot or just a thing that you will mark as a thing made during your university years. In addition, you will learn to make something new, learn new technique and will have the opportunity to boast about it :)

4. Have a job experience. University is the best time to start having a part-time job that will give you new skills and will help you financially. You will have a material support and will not need to ask your parents to give you additional 100 bucks to go out or to buy some personal stuff. The best options for a young person to start working is to be a waiter, shop-assistant or to be a freelance writer at essay writing service, for example, and help students fulfill their essays or small articles and research papers. It is quite a profitable gig and you will have a flexible timetable that will allow you to plan your day as you wish!

5. Volunteering. By being a volunteer, you will feel your importance in society. You can help in the dogs' ponds, homes for the old, orphanages, red cross, medical institutions and much more! It will help you spiritually and in your future employment because you will have one more point to add to your CV. A lot of organizations prefer students who have been doing volunteer work rather than just studying and nothing more. There are lots of opportunities to go abroad as a volunteer and help third-world countries, teach kids etc.

6. Fall in love! There is nothing more tantalizingly pleasant as to fall in love! The first university love is one of the most romantic things in your life that you will remember till you are 80 or even longer:)

7. Hitchhike! Hitchhiking is a cheap way to travel. Make friends and be an adventurer! Try to do that alone or with your friend. You may go abroad or travel across your native country, it doesn’t matter, but the emotions you will get will be incomparable! Take a tent and sleep somewhere in the field or on the beach if possible to feel the taste of life and live to the fullest!


8. Take part in the flash mob! Flash mobs are characterized by the unanimity of the ideas and purpose of people who participate in them. You will be the part of something immense and powerful! Here you will find diverse types of flash mobs that can appeal to you!

9. Learn a foreign language. The university time is the best time to learn a new language. Firstly, this is because you have more spare time. Secondly, there are a lot of language centers in different universities you may attend. They usually invite native speakers to help you to plunge into the foreign atmosphere. Thirdly, in every university there are exchange programs that will allow you to go abroad and improve your knowledge of the foreign language by being surrounded by the native culture and speakers.

10. Make up your own blog. Make up you blog where you can share your emotions and experience with the people interested in your help or advice. There you can include your travel experience, recipes, places you visit very often located in your home town, some must-see spots etc.

Do not miss a chance to have an unforgettable time in the University!


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  2. #1,3,4,6 - done!
    And the rest of the items I will do after college.))))It's never too late!
    Thank you)

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