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10 Wardrobe Arrangement Ideas for Working Women

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By Rose Martin

Are you a working professional who suffers from the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome every time you open the closet? Do you keep losing the track of your clothes and accessories and end up buying new ones only to find that you have the exact same thing stashed away in a corner of the wardrobe? Have you been in a situation where you were almost ready for work but had to change the entire outfit for missing stocking or socks?

If you can relate to one or more of these questions, then it is about time you had your closet organized. Here are some essential points to help you get started.

  1. Clean all the clutter: A cluttered closet is the last thing that you’d want as a professional woman. Sample this, you are already running late for office and have an important presentation to give. But then, you don’t find your best skirt even though you know ‘it is somewhere in there’. What do you do then? Wear something else in a hurry but not without feeling frustrated. Avoid such horror stories by cleaning your wardrobe thoroughly. Give away anything that you haven’t worn in years and are less likely to wear in the near future. If they are expensive and in a good condition, sell them online or host a yard sale. Alternatively, you can give them away or recycle. The choice is yours.
  1. Get rid of odor: The first step to get rid of odor in your closet is to completely clean it. Start with taking out all the shoes, clean the shoes and polish them if needed before putting them back. Vacuum the entire closet from top to bottom and remove any dirt or dust particles along with lint. If needed, get it repainted and repaired. This will make the closet look new. Also, don’t forget to replace paper bags and storage boxes that have been there in the closet since eternity. Here are some tips to make your closet smell lovely throughout the year.
  2. Invest in some hangers: Hangers are the most useful items ever invented. You can not only hang your clothes on them, but also tweak them a bit and store scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes etc. The only thing you have to ensure is that all the hangers match and are of the best quality. They are a worthy investment as they last a lifetime.
  3. Group them: Group your items of clothing, shoes and accessories. Make sections in the closet for each category by using shelf dividers, drawers, baskets etc. and store them. You can also group them into sub-categories such as – party wear, work wear, casual wear, gym wear and so on and so forth. Take a cue from your favorite retail stores or take inspiration online. So, the next time you want to dress to the nine for a party, you will not waste time in searching the entire closet inside out for the best dress!
  4. Use drawers for smaller items: Use the drawers in your wardrobe to store smaller items that often get misplaced. These include but are not limited to socks, ties, belts, scarves, lingerie and handkerchiefs/hand towels.
  5. Color code: Color coding is an often-used technique to organize clothes and accessories. If you have a closet without a door, then organizing your clothes and other items will give the room an aesthetic look and feel. Apart from this, you can also sort your clothes by patterns and prints. This will also help you know which color or prints and pattern you need in your closet while shopping for new clothes. For instance, you will not end up with the same pair of jeans or a scarf with similar print or pattern. Don’t forget to color code your accessories so that it is easy for you to find something quickly that matches your outfit.
  1. Keep wrinkles away: As a working professional, you are bound to have a number of suits, blazers and other types of formal wear. If not folded properly, they tend to have wrinkles, which adds to your woes. The best way to store them is to hang them. With limited hanging space in your wardrobe, opt for creating hanging space in the wardrobe door by using hooks or use the wall for the same purpose. This will keep your formal wear wrinkle-free and ready to wear whenever you want. You can also use dryer sheets and tissues between your clothes to keep wrinkles away. The same can be done by using dry cleaning bags.
  2. Display your jewelry: Those of you who are ardent jewelry collectors will know and understand the pain of organizing the earrings, necklaces, belts, rings, pins etc. They also take up a lot of space in the closet. How about freeing up space by removing all jewelry and displaying them? There are examples galore of DIY jewelry hangers online, which will inspire you. Do try them out.
  3. Bag it up: Bags, purses and clutches also tend to take up more space in the closet. If you don’t organize them well, the entire wardrobe ends up looking messy. The solution is to arrange them neatly at the top or at the bottom of the closet. Giving them a dedicated space in the closet will make room for more clothes. You can also invest in or make a separate closet entirely for your bags.
  4. Install lights: Contact your local electrician to install LED lights in the closet. This will help you locate clothes easily, especially if they are the back of the shelves and the depths of the drawers. You can take your pick from battery operated lights that you can install yourself without hiring an electrician for the job!
Wrap up

These are some handy tips, which will help professional women organize their wardrobe easily. Do you have any other tip in mind that can be added to the list? Feel free to share it with us by leaving a comment.

Rose Martin is an editor at Only Hange​rs​​ - an online store of clothes hangers. Rose Martin loves blogging on fashion, women, parenting, travel and lifestyle. Rose is also interested in music, fitness and art. In spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends.

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  1. This is a perennial problem to restore the order in my closet. It seems to me that any cleaning will not help. The only solution is to impose the order on a daily basis.


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