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Top 10 Movies You Should Watch to Improve Your Relationships

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The era of new technologies has come! The novelties are implemented in literally every sphere. Video clips and movies are widely used in school and university education. Well, why wouldn’t you try it out in your own love life? We consulted with girls from Russia Brides Stars Agency and offer you 10 movies about love that can teach you something new, show you exciting and romantic gestures, and just get you acquainted with unbelievable love stories! We hope you find it useful.

  1. Roman Holiday, 1953. It is quite strange that so many people out there haven’t seen this classic romantic comedy. Even the title itself includes the name of Eternal City of Love – the great experience is guaranteed. This film teaches us to be truthful and sincere with our beloved ones. What also exaggerates the effect made by this film is the main pair of actors – adorable Audrey Hepburn and persuading Gregory Pack, and, of course, Rome in the leading role.
  2. Pride & Prejudice, 2005. Jane Austen is known for her witty and ironic novels; what she was also excellent at is creating beautiful love roller coasters. Talented Joe Wright took the best of both the book and the movie industry and created a masterpiece. This film shows us that even if people are rather different in terms of financial state and class, love can beat any obstacle and unite young hearts. And, oh Lord, Keira Knightley looks so good in those dresses!
  3. Cold Mountain, 2003. You might say that nothing good is made when a film exploits the topic of water… How wrong you are! This movie is honest and sad in so many ways. As well, a great impulse of enthusiasm is triggered by Cold Mountain. It teaches us to be patient – the wait is always rewarded, but not in the way you expect. Girls might also be excited about one of the most beautiful on-screen couples (Nicole Kidman and Jude Law).
  4. Some Like It Hot, 1959. Yes, you got it right – this travesty has something to teach you! Funny, exciting, humorous, this masterpiece explains in the most unpretentious way that love knows no boundaries and restrictions – and if there are some obstacles ahead, love will find the way to fight them. Likewise, you should watch this movie for Marilyn Monroe – strikingly gorgeous and lovely. In addition, she recorded some of her hit songs for this picture.
  5. The Notebook, 2004. You must have heard about this film for billion times. It has gained a cult following, even though upon the premiere it was received quite cold. In a beautiful and mawkish way, this film recreates the long and heartbreaking love story. We do not want to spoil the experience of watching The Notebook but it teaches us that love can help heal any illness – it can even get someone’s memory back.
  6. City Lights, 1931. Charlie Chaplin, one of the most famous directors in the history of Hollywood, suggested this film was his masterwork – and so thought approximately everyone in the world. Amazing yet simple, this story holds a plot that will later be reinvented hundreds and thousands of times. Here, we find out that love is not only about relationships, kisses, and cuddles; love is also a sacrifice no one asks for and will never thank for. Sometimes, you do things just because you are not able to not do them.
  7. Edward Scissorhands, 1990. You might be wondering why we included this film. Think outside of the box. Aside from strange and phantasmagoric happenings, this picture also shows a unique love story. Unlike any others, Kim and Edward can never be together (we cried so hard when Kim says 'Hold me' and Edward replies with 'I can’t.') but both of them were trying hard to conquer this social and universal inequity. That’s what you need to learn – love is worth fighting for!
  8. Brokeback Mountain, 2005. It has already been mentioned that love knows no limits or confines. You need to watch this movie to understand how hard it was and is to fight for your rights for love. We are not claiming for tolerance, for God’s sake. Our topic is love – and we want you to learn something new: love makes everyone equal. As well, this drama film is one of the last where you can find Heath Ledger’s significant heritage.
  9. Moulin Rouge!, 2001. There is something unquestionably special about  Nicole Kidman if we include the second film where she stars. This musical-comedy-drama teaches us that love is unconditional – even death has nothing to do with it. Satine and Christain are the characters you want to steal from – starting from their beauty and up to their feelings. Oh, as well, songs in Moulin Rouge! are so catchy. Traditions of musical films and Western pop tracks make a great mix for the score. Moulin Rouge! (2001)
Up, 2009. Pretty sure you have already seen Pixar’s masterpiece. Nevertheless, we want to make sure you noticed a beautiful and melodramatic love story that lies underneath the colorful surface. It tells us a story of one couple with all its ups and downs and eventually death. This bright movie teaches us to let go. It takes courage and a great endeavor. The opening of this movie is objectification of romance itself.

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