Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship in College

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By Adam Smith

Many young women getting into college either have not had their first relationships and think the new environment may be a great place to be free and experiment. Others have a high school boyfriend, and are wondering whether to continue, or end old things with a new start in college, especially if they're both going to different colleges. There is also the expectation of meeting brand new people and wanting the opportunity to get to know new college friends and acquaintances better. These people will want to know the pros and cons of being in a relationship in college.

The college institution is a complex environment that nurtures personality to a great extent. For example, it is an interaction platform that accommodates for personal development given that it is a college institution. Subsequently, the college institution avails opportunities that may allow essays for sale. Grounds to reason in such a direction develops in the case that there is a convenience that the student population may want to work to earn a living.

One of the disadvantages of relationships in college is that there is the possibility that a bitter relationship may lead to domestic violence and embarrassment within the same student population. Additionally, there is the notion that the college environment may offer an opportunity for, and in some cases actually promotes an intimate relationship even when one is not ready.

In this view, there is need to point out that given such an environment or setting, it may seem hard for a person to maintain a particular type of relationship. The complexity that leads to such reasoning develops in the case that a person or one’s partner may be tempted to cheat given that there are varied groups of people.

However, on the positive side, there is high chances that a person may maintain a happy and healthy relationship within the same environment. Bearing in mind the availability of different kinds of people with varied and wide-ranging interests, it is very easy and common to find new people who share the same interests. Given such a realization, it is important to acknowledge that some people may develop attraction towards their fellow students.

Notably, fellow students help each other to grow and develop their talents and capabilities. In this view, one would realize that such an environment may present the perfect opportunity for a mature and strong relationship. However, there is the possibility that it may work against intimate relationships in the case that a partner may want to retaliate given the case that they are hurt by their partners.

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