Monday, March 14, 2016

Proposal Ideas For the Guy Who Wants to Wow His Lady

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After speaking to a friend about her engagement and how much time and effort her beau put into it, I thought I would put together a post on proposal ideas. She mentioned how stressed out her partner had been while planning the proposal. And how afterward, he told her how he wished he’d had an idea of what she would like. This got me thinking about the types of proposal ideas that will wow the ladies.

We ladies have it easy, all we have to do is say yes or no, whereas he has to plan a proposal and pick out a ring, both very stressful things. Hopefully, this post will help all the guys out there who want to propose, find the perfect way to do it. Guys, read on for everything that you need to know to guarantee she’ll be wowed by your proposal.

Revisit the place you first met

If she’s romantic, then proposing at the place you first met could work well. Or, if the place you first met isn’t a nice spot for a proposal, the restaurant where you had your first date could work just as well. Us girls love a bit of romance; we also love reminiscing about things, so this could be the ideal proposal plan. If you’ve moved away from where you first met, perhaps you could take a trip back there? Or maybe you could recreate your first date and propose while on it? Oh and don’t forget to select the perfect Tacori engagement ring to pop the question with. What’s a proposal without a ring?

Find a secluded spot

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While some of us love being the center of attention, there are a lot of gals who prefer to stay out of the limelight. If your girlfriend is someone who doesn’t like being the center of attention, whatever you do, don’t propose in public. When you propose, it should be a moment that she enjoys, which is why getting the venue right is crucial. If she’s a little shy, proposing in a secluded spot, like on a beach, could be perfect. Perhaps there is somewhere that’s special to the two of you, a place that you’ve spent a lot of time together. A beach, countryside, even a mountain, could all work well. Make your proposal extra special by having a bottle of champagne on ice to mark the occasion. What’s a proposal without bubbles to toast with?

Film a video asking her

You might have seen a few of these amazingly cute videos of guys asking their girls to marry them in videos made up of hundreds of different shots. If you want to wow your significant other and make your engagement a memory she can keep forever, do it via a video. This may take a while to compose, but when you see her face, it’ll be more than worth the time and effort. You’ll need a good quality camera, some inspiration, and a few unique ideas to make a success of this, as well as a beautiful ring, of course.

I hope these suggestions have helped you make your mind up about the best way to propose to your partner. Good luck and I hope you have the most amazing future together!

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