Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When and How You Should Kiss Your Girl For The First Time

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By Viktor Berger

Girls often say that if a date is not sealed with a kiss – it is not a date at all. At the same time, other girls suggest that a kiss not a first-date thing. This article talks about first kiss tips and the perfect timing for it. First, let’s decide, which time is an ideal choice for initiating your first lips to lips action. We have some options for you:

  1. During the first date. A rather risky option because your first date will always be overwhelmed with mutual confusion and fussiness. Nevertheless, if you visit a movie theater, you grab her hand and she does not mind, you can without doubts move to a kiss base in an hour or two. Girls like men to act assertively. Note: if you feel she is not ready, do not ever force her; it might become your one and only date if you scare her.
  2. Walking her home at the end of the first date. How many times have you seen this scenario in cheesy movies? Numerous, for sure. Being one of the most romantic occasions, the to-door walk crowned with a tender kiss may become a great beginning for your relationship.
  3. The second to the fifth dates. She must be the most humble and pious girl in the modern world. Likewise, you are probably on the most patient men on Earth. However, if you truly like this particular miss – wait for it. Still waters run deep.
If you have chosen the right time for your kiss, you should also think about how to process it appropriately. Russian women dating brideshub.com can help you with simple yet effective pieces of advice:
  1. Avoid awkwardness. Since it is your first kiss, think of a place where she can feel secured and solitary at the same time. The last row in a cinema or a walk in a park might work.
  2. Be gentle. Do not ever force your girl. Learn her body language. If she is getting closer to you and does not mind your touching, you can be assured that she is ready for a kiss. Although, if she puts your hand off her hand and acts on bad terms, be careful with her.
  3. Teeth and tongue. We know that you are a macho and know everything about French kiss. When it comes to the first kiss, forget it. A soft peck on the corner of her lips will be quite enough. Watch her reaction. If you see her trembling, her pupils dilate – move on to kisses that are more passionate.
  4. Take your time. Here is nothing like the perfect time to kiss a girl, especially when you are the one who is in charge of the situation. Relax, sit down with her and talk about something. Help her feel at ease, because the more comfortable she is, the more the chances of her enjoying that first kiss with you. 
  5. Never talk about the kiss itself. Not before, nor afterwards. While flirting – avoid talking about it. As well, if it has just happened, do not comment on it. It will be obvious if she liked it, there is no need to ask about it. It is a little kissing etiquette peculiarity, but it works.

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