Monday, February 8, 2016

Ten Things We Should All Do At Least Once In Our Lives

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Life is short. Most of us have a bucket list of things we want to do before we’re too old to achieve them. Not all of us manage to find the time to do them, though. Life can get pretty busy with careers, relationships, and families. But it is important to make time for you. And there are some things in life you really must make sure you experience before you check out. Here are our top ten things we should all do at least once in our lives:

  1. See A Sunrise - Wherever you are in the world, there is an opportunity to watch the dawn arrive. Witnessing a sunrise is quite a magical experience. It can feel like the air goes still, and it can sound like an orchestra. Find a high hill and sit in a castle ruin, in the branches of a tree, or even just on the dewy grass. For the ultimate sunrise experience, share it with the one you love to make it the ultimate romantic experience too.

  1. Fight For Love - There is nothing more romantic than fighting for the one you truly love. When relationships hit rocky patches, it can be easy to give it all up and try to move on. But when you know it’s love, you have to fight for that relationship. You have to battle the doubts and make your feelings heard. You might not know the best way to get your ex back, but if you know that you need to, then try. It can be incredibly romantic when someone you care about fights to save the relationship.

  1. Get Married - Fewer people get married these days. They either live life as a single person, dipping their toe into relationships here and there. Or they choose to live in a relationship that is never fully committed. Marriage means different things to different people. Some see it as a pointless piece of paper that costs money and proves nothing. Others see it as the ultimate romantic gesture. It provides absolute certainty of the commitment between two people. And there is little that is more romantic than a beautiful wedding ceremony.

  1. Play A Musical Instrument - It doesn’t matter if you like electric guitars, percussion, or woodwind. Playing a musical instrument can be spiritual, mathematical, and romantic all at the same time. It does remarkable things to your brain as you play. And the listener can be wooed and romanced by the sounds you create. Singing can achieve almost the same effects, so start to learn today. It can be even more rewarding when you play duets with your love.

  1. Dance With A Large Group - Dancing in a large group offers you a goal to work with the team. You are all moving in the same direction for the same purpose. That’s pretty powerful stuff. It doesn’t matter what style of dance you like. Just get up there and move. The more of you there are the more intense the feeling. Let the music carry you away. Let your body feel the rhythm, and be free to express yourself!

  1. Swim With Dolphins - Many people have this one on their bucket list. There is something very special about man’s relationship with dolphins. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. They seem to sense something about us. And we are forever in awe of their language, playfulness, and interest in us too. There are many places around the world that you can get in the water and enjoy a swim with dolphins. Why not make it a part of your next holiday?

  1. Go On An Epic Road Trip - For all of you who believe the journey is more important than the end destination, this is an absolute must. Hire a car and travel from one end of the country to the other. Stop in as many towns and villages as you can. Seek new things and interesting people. You can visit interesting tourist hot spots, or explore those smaller, windy roads that lead off the map. Crank up the music and sing your way from place to place. You could even put pins blindly on a map and see where they take you. Sometimes it’s best not to know where you’re heading. Let the road lead you to new experiences and adventure.

  1. Witness An Eclipse - They don’t come around every day. And they won’t always turn up in the same place twice. But when you feel that sudden chill and you can feel like you’re drowning in the eerie shadow that is cast. Everything seems to go still, even though you can see the shadow of the moon moving quite rapidly as it passes in front of the sun. Why not find the best view point for the next one and head out there? Some people feel the same way about seeing the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are certainly a little more reliable and frequent!

  1. Graduate - Academic achievement is quite important to most of us. But even if school wasn’t your thing, you can still graduate classes in subjects and qualifications that suit you. It’s all about the achievement. Knowing you worked hard, and made the grade is hugely satisfying. And that sense of achievement is important to us. It’s part of human nature.

  1. Fly - Whether you skydive, hang glide, or fly in a plane, the experience of being up with the birds and beyond is something everyone should have. Let the wind whip through your hair, or simply peer out of the window to see a bed of clouds beneath you. Flying can feel very freeing. And who doesn’t want to see a cloud up close?

You don’t have to put just ten things on your bucket list. There are people with nearly one thousand things they want to try before they die. What’s important is you have things you want to do, see, or experience. Life really is short. As soon as kids and careers come along, it’s easy to lose sight of all those things you dreamt of doing. So go ahead. Get out a pen and some paper. What will you put on your bucket list?

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