Thursday, February 25, 2016

How To Ensure Your Wedding Makeup Is Flawless

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While there isn’t one single magic trick for flawless wedding makeup, there is a process that will create just the same perfect end result.

Getting that flawless look doesn’t even start on the morning of the wedding. It starts several weeks before. Skin that is well hydrated and full of nutrients will be plumper, softer and smoother. The better condition your facial skin, the better your makeup will look. Ensure you’re drinking the recommended daily intake of water, at least one month before your wedding. Same goes for fruit and veg. Doing so won’t just help your skin, it will also help with your energy levels on the big day.

You can consider having a facial a few days before, but take care with this. If you think there is any chance you might suffer an adverse reaction, don’t risk it.

So, that’s the pre-wedding work sorted. On the day, getting the base right is crucial. Hopefully, you’ll have help from a makeup artist. Not only will you then have access to all of their expertise, but you’ll also have access to the best tools and products. A good base should smooth the skin, make applying products easier and also make the skin look more luminous. It should also help your products in place all day, right through to the final dance of the night.

On the topic of tools, these are another crucial part of a flawless look. Poor quality brushes will tug at the skin and pile the products on unevenly. Sigma brushes are a great example of good quality brushes that will do an effective job.

It then goes without saying that your foundation needs to be a perfect match. This will prevent any unattractive lines on the all-important wedding photos! But what about on top of that? Obviously, you’ll want a healthy flush of blush, but go steady. The main criticism of Kate Middleton’s wedding makeup was that she was wearing too much blusher! This goes for bronzer too. The idea is to give you a healthy, sunkissed glow.

Next up is an important step that sometimes get missed; highlighter. It will help give your face the correct dimensions and will help ‘highlight’ your bone structure. That being said, it shouldn’t just be applied to your cheekbones. Apply a dab in the corner of each eye, down your nose on and on the cupid’s bow. You’ll want to top up the cupid’s bow area once you’ve applied your lipstick.

Eyes are next, but there are no hard and fast rules. Instead, your eye makeup should be truly tailored to you. The shades you use will need to suit your eye and skin colour. There is no harm in using eyelash extensions or false eyelashes on the day but aim for a natural look. Same goes for lips unless you are making a conscious decision to wear bold, red lips. Otherwise, plug for a pale pink that will make top-ups during the day nice and easy.

Finally, the look should be set with powder and a setting spray. This way you’ll get a full day’s use out of all that hard work. Plus you’ll be utterly flawless.

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