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How Does Beer Boost the Man's Performance in Bed?

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By Sophie Addison

A lot of people seek of ways and means to get that extra kick in bed so as to boost their egos and their sex lives as well. One little-known fact is that there are numerous ways and means of o the sex drive to higher levels which can come from exercise, food supplements, tablets and now… beer. Yes, you heard right beer. New research seems to suggest that there is value in taking beer as a sexual stimulant to boost performance in bed. What else could you ask for than for the use as one of the natural ways to increase stamina in bed and manage erectile dysfunction.
According to a new research conducted by a sex therapist, Dr. Krut, there is enough evidence to support the fact that beer can help boost performance in bed. This is the one thing that most men had waited for, to get one thing that helps them in the natural ways to boost stamina in bed and an item that they enjoy. It goes without saying that a lot of men suffer in silence from the shame that comes with erectile dysfunction, in most cases the main culprit being premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation refers to when a man orgasms before they desire to or before their partner orgasms. This causes a lot of dissatisfaction and the condition must be sorted fast to ensure that one feels good again about themselves.
One of the ingredients contained in beer have been shown to be of great value in controlling premature ejaculations. This is one of the best benefits that has so far been shown of beer, as it helps women enjoy sex without them having to deal with a man who comes too fast. The beer has been shown to contain high amounts of phytoestrogens which help delay ejaculations. This means that men can enjoy longer periods of sex and satisfy their partners as well.
Another ingredient contained in beer is iron. Studies have shown that beer contains high amounts of iron whose main purpose in the body is to work in the creation of red blood cells. This is one of the most natural ways to increase stamina in bed as higher red blood cell number means a bigger volume of blood. This helps in boosting overall circulation of the body and thus, it is quite easy to attain the said erections.  Higher red bloods cells also tend to point to rock solid erections, thus, the issue of premature ejaculations becomes a thing of the past.
According to a case study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, ise of beer in moderation helps to boost sexual stamina. The research found out that of a study of beer drinkers, 31% reported an increased sexual function as well as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. It is no secret that what is good for the genitals is good for the heart, thus, the beer does not only deal with premature ejaculation and sexual stamina but also strengthens the heart. In a separate research done by Greek Researchers, the study concluded that arteries flexibility improves with moderate consumption of alcohol, more specifically beer.
If you love our beer, you might then consider getting a pint of Guinness beer every now and then for you to enjoy the benefits it offers towards erectile dysfunction. Guinness being a fermented product is rich in minerals, vitamins, as well as probiotics and Vitamin B. Studies, have shown that it is not only one of the best natural ways to increase sexual stamina in bed, but it is also a great product to fortify the body’s health with. The probiotics it has helps boost normal flora and fauna in the gut and thus, one feels present and alive during sex as opposed to sluggish which might cause one to ejaculate too soon.
Finally, it is important to note that some beer varieties are specifically made to help men last longer in the sack. A good example of such are those from Asian countries which come loaded with herbal supplements such as ginko biloba, diamana leaf as well as ginseng to become some of the best products to naturally boost sexual desire and blood flow, making one last longer and perform like a star.
With all that research available, you need not much convincing on why you should not be headed to your local to grab your favorite beer and enjoy the benefits it presents. As always, do remember to drink beer in moderation as too much will erode the gains that stand to be made. Enjoy as you have that nourishing drink.
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