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Why People Worry That Depression Will Ruin Their Marriage

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If you are suffering depression, then it is likely to affect even those in your social network. For this reason, depression can affect both the sufferer and his or her marriage.  If untreated in the right time, depression can destroy many aspects of an individual’s life.  Friendships, work, relationships and domestic life are some of the aspects that can suffer adverse effects from depression.  
If your partner suffers depression, then your relationship is likely to suffer. If you are living with a person with the condition, being cautious and understanding the person's situation are advised. The best or advisable thing to do, however, is to encourage the person to take medication and visit a doctor regularly for monitoring of the condition. Professionals like counselors can be of help also.
Symptoms of Depression
Symptoms of depression will be evident in marriage with some issues; the issues include blame game, arguments and quarrels that are frequent, anger, resentment, lack of sexual intimacy and resentment. Also, poor communication may be a symptom. Eventually, the marriage can break.
Giving up too easily
People who suffer depression sometimes tend to lose hope and give up very easily. Sometimes, they give up on the family business or family issues. If something fails, they give up and do not make any efforts to make issues better. In other words, some of them are pessimists who see impossibilities in everything.  This is harmful to the marriage. A marriage is comprised of shared dreams, visions and expectations. Giving up means you bail on agreements. This is likely to annoy or disappoint partners. It can result in failure of relationship or marriage.
Loss of Attention for Partner and Loss of Purpose in Life
Progressed depression may cause devastating effects in marriage.  Desperation in issues can lead to breakups in marriages.  If a partner is suffering depression, he or she is likely to sleep less or sleep excessively. Concentration in important family conversations can also be difficult. It also comes with forgetfulness of important issues between partners.  If one is too much depressed, then he or she might experience loss of interest in activities including sex.   Consequently, these can result in resentment and anger among partners.  If your partner is depressed, you may both experience different kinds of loneliness. This can ruin the marriage or even break it. Symptoms of depression need to be treated and dealt with immediately they appear. If not so, they will destroy marriages.
Unhappiness in Marriage
Unavoidable conflicts and arguments become common in homes especially if a spouse is depressed. This means that each spouse has a different and varying perspective to life. They, therefore, fail to agree on several issues. If this is the case, the arguments will be frequent. Consequently, the spouses will be in an unhappy and unsatisfactory marriage. Symptoms of depression include the presence of frequent quarrels and arguments between the partners.  Negativity and pessimism in the depressed partner causes chaos in the home.
Loss of Sexual Intimacy
Depression will make an individual to develop loss of interest in several activities. If this is the case, there is the likelihood of having less sexual intercourse with the partner. This is because interest for sex is lost.  The major cause of loss of interest is the lethargy or fatigue that results from depression. If the condition remains untreated, the un-depressed partner may also develop the condition resulting from stress. If this becomes the case, it implies that there will be resentment between spouses. This is dangerous as it can cause breakage of the marriage.
Blame Game
The blame game is one of the common symptoms of depression. If one partner is depressed, then the blame game becomes frequent in the house. Depressed persons rarely accept and acknowledge mistakes. If this happens, blaming each other becomes common.  Consequently, resentment sprouts in the relationship.  It comes with lack or poor communication, arguments, pointing fingers and lack of intimacy. Also, it may result to the end of a marriage inform of a divorce.
Separation and Divorce
Since depression negatively affects relationships, it can cause either separation or divorce. In the case of too much pressure on the partner who is not depressed, he or she might decide to withdraw from the relationship. On the other hand, both partners can decide to have a divorce. None of the two options does well for the marriage. The condition thus has adverse effects on the marriages and relationships.  To avoid the effects, seeking medical advice and treatment is essential. Do it at the initial stages. The person not affected should help the depression sufferer through recovery.
Apparently, depression ruins and destroys marriages and other relationships. To avoid the effects commencing treatment of the condition as early as it is noticed or diagnosed is the best idea. If this does not happen, then the marriage can be ruined and finally broken. Save your marriage by getting treated. For the individual without depression, offering support will help your partner recover better and quicker.

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