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A “Perfect” Female Body?

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According to the media and Hollywood, the perfect female body is one that is pretty much stick thin and has no curves. If you agree with Hollywood, I got some news flash for you. In most cases, this is NOT the perfect body, and it certainly isn’t what most men in most of the world are looking for. Being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful. In fact, it can make many people look underfed and sickly (No offense to the skinny ladies out there). 
While obesity is also not the answer, most people still prefer a woman with a few extra pounds than one who is underweight. Don’t forget, most of us will never be famous, nor are we trying to impress the media. So, why are so many of us trying to achieve a body shape that is almost non-achievable, worldly unattractive and that could make us unhealthy? Rather than striving for skinny, maybe it is time to start striving for a beautiful hourglass figure.
Curves do not mean fat
Just because you have feminine curves, doesn’t mean that you are fat. In fact, most men prefer to see “a little meat on the bones”. Unfortunately, thanks to Hollywood and the media, we are made to feel that no one wants to see any curves on a woman. Look at most of the models on runways, magazines and at fashion shows. They have no curves to speak of, and many look like adolescent boys. Yet this is the glorified look that we are made to believe is perfect. We shouldn’t be worshipping skinny so much. It can be just as unhealthy as being fat.
Different Cultures, Different Ideals
One thing that is very interesting is the difference in body shape preferences around the world. For instance, in the US, skinny bodies seem to be idealized. There was a social experiment that was conducted in 2012 to find out what the ideal female body looks like. In total, 40 males and 40 females were questioned about female body shapes, and it shows that both sexes prefer the female body to have a BMI below 19, and nice curves. That study was taken a step further in the UK, and was done with men and women from many different walks of life and age groups. In this study, it was discovered that men prefer something totally different in the female body than what women find idea. The idea is exemplified in the image at the top of this article.
In most cultures, large breasts and butts are preferred, while in other cultures it is favorable to be slimmer and less curvy.
Surprise! Men Love Large Breasts!
Many men, no matter what their culture, are automatically attracted to women with large hips. This may be a subconscious thing, as large hips are a sign that a woman can easily conceive and carry babies. Men also tend to be more attracted to women who have large breasts (although many do not like breast implants because they are not natural looking). The love of breasts may also be a subconscious thing, because many think that the larger the breasts, the more milk they can provide for babies. The best way to measure this theory is by conduction the good old fashion stare test. Ladies with a large bust unfortunately experience this everyday.
What is an Hourglass Figure?
Many women strive for what is considered to be the perfect hourglass figure. Basically, the shoulders and hips are approximately the same width, and the waist is small. The breasts and butts are usually a bit on the larger size as well (not fat, but nicely endowed). Not every woman is automatically blessed with this type of figure, but it is achievable, and you don’t necessarily need surgery to get it. When striving for that hourglass figure, keep these things in mind:
  • Don’t be guided by what the media and society say you should look like.
  • Get plenty of exercise (and do exercises that will help improve muscle mass on the butt and breasts) and follow a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Set a long-term fitness goal, figure out how to reach that goal, and stick to it.

The truth is, regardless of time and cultures, there is one specific body shape that every human can recognize as attractive. People have found women to be attractive based on these determinants:
  1. Determinants of youth like large eyes and small noses.
  2. Determinants of sexual arousal and interest like redder lips, dilated pupils etc.
  3. Health determinants like good skin, fit body, long legs, etc.
  4. Determinants of fertility like breasts, hips, butt, etc.

As the Greeks have taught us, a lady’s body and face is considered beautiful if it meets certain proportions and also show fertility, attraction and youth. The ancient Greek calculated perfection based on the Golden ratio (Phi). The Golden ratio is an irrational number used to determine aesthetic proportions. A great example of Phi being used in human measurements can be found in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vestuvian man. You can see Phi being used in both female body’s and faces. A great article that goes into detail when it comes to this subject can be found here.

The known term for the ideal body shape is the hourglass shape. The hourglass shape is generally identified when your shoulders are almost the same size as the hips. Adding a large bust and a nice butt is what can be considered ideal. Now different races and cultures either prefer an extreme of these qualities, or the lesser side of these qualities, but none the less as long as you have an hourglass shape, then you are considered attractive.

There are many natural ways to achieve an hourglass figure in the 21st century. From using a waist trainer to eating certain foods, there are a variety of so called ‘proven practices.’ You can learn more on waist training before and after If you check out the Royal Lioness review. I believe seeing is believing, so this is a journey you will have to endeavor on your own free time. In the meantime, let’s stop believing the nonsense that the media is feeding us please.

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