Monday, January 11, 2016

Bringing Out Your Confidence When Dating

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It's always astounding that some of the most beautiful women in the world are the least confident when it comes to dating. We've all seen it - the stunning girls who have a million insecurities, leaving everyone else wondering how they're going to manage in a relationship if this seemingly unattainable women don't even have faith in themselves. 
However, that's part of the issue - comparing yourself to others! There are a million no-nos when it comes to dating, and one is probably actually reading a lot of advice instead of just going out there to just be yourself! Regardless, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, and confidence is one of the biggest areas. If you have that, you can potentially have everything!
Don't Doubt Yourself!
Self-doubt is nasty. It plagues so many of us, and makes us believe we're not good enough when we are. Chances are, if a girl or a guy wants to see you, they're at least a little bit interested. Not sure? There are plenty of signs a guy is interested! You can read his body language and spot little clues. Later on in the relationship, you might even be able to spot that he feels more for you than just a crush.
Of course, you should also follow your intuition when it comes to things not working out, too. Pretending something is okay when it's not will be negative in the long run. Obviously, you shouldn't be paranoid. But you should ensure that you're really listening to yourself and not just putting up with things because you feel you have to.
Smile and keep your head up!

Communication is so key for confidence. You know when you're most likely to be unsure of a situation? When you don't talk about that situation properly! Honest and open communication is really imperative for all relationships, but that can be nervy in itself! However, when you're on the same page, it vastly makes you more confident not only in yourself, but that your circumstances are going to work out. If you're scared to bring something up, there are plenty of tips out there that you can follow.

Bring Yourself Up, Not Down!

Instead of thinking of all the reasons why someone wouldn't like you or want to be in a relationship with you, it's time to focus on the good things about yourself. Make a list! There are bound to be some things. Perhaps you're a fantastic cook or you're doing really well in your career. Maybe everyone's always complimenting you on how good your bum looks in skinny jeans or the fact that your hair is silky. You might surprise yourself - you might find loads of things!
It's not arrogance, it's confidence, and it's absolutely fine. There is a difference between the two, but providing you can find it you'll have a skill others never master across the course of their lives.
Learn to love yourself; and others will follow.
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