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5 Mistakes Men Make in Bed That Irritate Women

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Even though sex is a natural activity that is even faced by animals, some men are still yet master it. This is the incompetence that is usually registered in the form of the numerous mistakes that you make in bed. These mistakes end up causing the women or woman major frustration and irritation. This is why more and more women in the world are denying their spouses sex not because they have sidekicks but because they are tired of receiving substandard sex that is not the in the least bit satisfying. If you fall in this category of men who are unable to satisfy their women, you probably want to argue that women are too complicated for you to understand and satisfy. However, even if that was the case, some mistakes you make are still very irritating.
You don’t believe? Let us look into each of these mistakes and try to understand why they are deemed as irritating.

1. Too little or unimpressive foreplay
I once heard a man joke that a woman is like a faulty engine that needs lots of work to turn on.   As far fetched as this may sound, it is true. No woman wants to be ridden when she is still dry down there. If anything this will just cause her pain and no pleasure at all. When it comes to foreplay, you should take enough time and ensure she is fully aroused and no, foreplay does not only involve you sucking her breasts and pulling her nipples. This focus on just one area will irritate her as it will stop doing anything for her regarding arousal.
2. Lasting for a split second
Hallo Mr. Man. This is not a marathon: it is a love making the venture. One of the gravest mistakes men make in bed is having sex for less than a minute and quickly drifting to sleep. This leaves the woman high and dry. I mean, what was the essence of you initiating the whole process if you were not going to run it to the end. This mistake is even made worse when the man comes all over the woman, yet she was just getting started. Such a woman will feel irritated and angry at the man for leading her on for nothing. From a man’s perspective, it is like a girl teasing you until you are overly aroused and then refusing to give it to you. How would you feel? That is exactly how your woman feels every time you have sex for a maximum of one minute and fail to wait for her to hit her cloud nine.
3. Assuming that you are aware of her needs
In an attempt to protect your ego, you may be afraid to ask your lady what works for her or whether you satisfy her. This will make you assume the lead role in every encounter. When this happens, the woman will feel like she is some object that is not supposed to have any feelings and is just meant to give you pleasure. To avert this, try asking her what she wants done for her. After all, if sex was supposed to be one sided then you might as well have had it with yourself.

4. Sleeping immediately after the encounter
A common point among men all over is that most of them tend to drift off to sleep immediately after sex. This is probably because sex has been known to help sleep better. However, the same experience will have very different effects in women. After sex, women will feel vulnerable and will crave for someone to hold them tight and reassure them. Now, when you immediately turn your back after withdrawing, the woman will feel unwanted thus causing her irritation.
5. Repeating the same old routines
Have you ever listened to the same song over and over again until you got too irritated that you threw your TV off the balcony?  Now, you may have never done that but, that is what women feel like doing to you when you keep repeating the same styles in bed. This is especially rampant during foreplay where you are likely to hover around one point. Please stop boring her with a single move; be creative and experimental. You can even ask her for hints and her fantasies.
Many women loathe sex as it only leaves them angry and frustrated due to the many mistakes their men make. These mistakes usually start from inadequate foreplay, some old routines, a little time and the men’s insensitivity to their needs. A combination of these misdeeds will leave your woman feeling used, unsatisfied and neglected thus summing up to mass irritation. In the long run, she will start denying you access to the cookie jar because she does not want to be left hanging.
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  1. The "Tipper man" is the one that initiates the process of love making and retires a minute later, after he might have successfully offloaded.
    Such kind of a man can never satisfy his wife, the wife just offer her sex to fulfil all righteousness.
    This could be as a result of Premature Ejaculation (PE) and there are loads of Natural Remedy for Premature Ejaculation

  2. I don't like how the writer blames the man for everything. It does take two to tango. I especially do not like numbers 1, 2 & 5. They all strike me as the man should do all the work while the woman lies there eishh


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