Saturday, March 21, 2015

Man Cleared of Murder After Being Wrongfully Jailed 39 Years Will Receive $1M Compensation

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Ricky Jackson, was freed last year after spending 39 years in prison after he was falsely convicted for a murder he didn't commit, and will now receive around $1m as compensation from the state of Ohio. He was one of three men sent to death row in 1975 after being convicted of aggravated murder in the slaying of a businessman outside a corner store in Cleveland.

Prosecutors at the time of the case relied on the testimony of a 13 year-old boy to convict Mr Jackson, now 58. Years later, the boy, Eddie Vernon, who earlier claimed to witness the crime recanted his testimony and told authorities he had never actually witnessed the crime.

Suge Knight Collapses in Court After Judge Sets $25M Bail in Murder Case [Photos]

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Marion "Suge" Knight collapsed in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday after a judge set his bail at $25 million over his ongoing murder and hit-and-run case. This marked the second medical emergency the 49-year-old rap mogul has suffered during his legal proceedings in a little more than a month.

Several deputies rushed to his aid after he collapsed in his seat and he was later taken to a hospital. His lawyer Matt Fletcher told reporters that Knight collapsed from lack of food and medication for his diabetes and blood clots, which were diagnosed last year. He added that the music mogul did not eat anything before the hearing and last took his medication on Thursday.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved From Hospital to Rehab Center

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Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved from Emory University hospital to an Atlanta rehab facility, but she remains in a coma and on life support. Reports say she was transferred to the new facility because there was no change in her condition and nothing more the hospital, with its limited number of beds, could do to improve her state nearly two months after she was found unconscious and face down in a bathtub in her home.

Despite unconfirmed reports about the family meeting to decide when Bobbi Kristina should be removed from life support, her father Bobby Brown is still praying for a turnaround.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Name Daughter James - Would You?

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For weeks after news broke of their welcoming their baby in December, the trending question was; WHAT IS THE NAME OF BLAKE LIVELY’S DAUGHTER? Both parents are well-loved as actors, but Blake Lively is also the curator of a cute artisan site called Preserve and many wondered if she'll choose a fanciful or unique name, in the footsteps of fellow site owner Gywneth Paltrow who named her daughter Apple.

As it turned out: the answer to all that speculation is now out. In early February, reports surfaced that the name was James. Many doubted the reports, because it is one name that is generally given to males - starting from the biblical James. I thought it could be likely as Blake is also usually a male name and it has done well for the actress mom.

Covers - Peter & Lola Okoye With Their Children For Motherhood-Instyle Magazine

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Fathers matter too, right? So, Motherhood Instyle magazine usually has only mothers and children on their covers so I'm liking this fresh look of the beautiful Okoye family with their dad, Peter Okoye, on their latest issue! The PSquare singer and his wife Lola Omotayo are shown with their children, Cameron and Aliona, with all of them dressed in white. They also gave the original cover an Instagram design. See below...

Viral Photo - Doctor Weeps After Young Patient Dies + Naija Medic Speaks Out

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The above heart-breaking image of a doctor overcome with emotion following the death of a teenage patient has gone viral online. The raw and startling picture was posted on reddit by a paramedic who works with the unnamed doctor in California.

On a Nigerian site where this picture was posted, someone commented that doctors in the country rarely mourned their patients when they died, but a medical commenter on the site decided to speak up for the profession. I know and have discussed with a few doctors in Nigeria, and I think they do a great job in very difficult situations. Read the comment below, it will definitely touch you..

Twins Seperated At Birth Reconnect 25 Years Later on Facebook [Photos]

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Back in December 2012, a friend of Anaïs Bordier asked her if she'd ever featured in a Youtube video, but she hadn't. The friend said he saw someone who looked exactly like her in the KevJumba video titled 'High School Virgin', and sent a screen shot from the video to Anaïs.

Anaïs couldn't believe what she was seeing, the person in the video looked completely like her, except it couldn't be. Curious, Anaïs Googled the name of the girl in the video, Samantha Futerman, and discovered that in addition to looking identical, the two of them also had the same date of birth, were both born in Seoul, South Korea, and were both adopted.

Woman Has 4 Babies in 9 Months [Photos]

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Sarah Ward has made headlines after giving birth to 4 babies within 9 months as a result of two pregnancies. The 29-year-old became pregnant with triplets one month after giving birth to her first son. Ward gave birth to her triplets 7 weeks prematurely when her oldest son Freddie was only nine months old. Ward from Crayford, Kent, said that she now changes about 30 diapers each day of all her children.

Ward said that she had a difficult time conceiving her first son, so she was delighted to learn that she was pregnant again.  When doctors discovered that she was expecting triplets, they advised her to abort one of the fetuses to give the other 2 a better chance of survival.