Friday, March 20, 2015

Rita Dominic Says Celebs Should Marry Other Celebs To Avoid Divorce

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In this brief interview during the signing of a movie deal last week, Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic spoke on her much respected fashion sense, repeating outfits, celebs who overshare on social media and whether celebs should only date or marry only other celebrities. Her responses will surprise you, enjoy!

When one thinks "Rita Dominic", one thinks fashion, you seem to always get it right all the time that your name has now come to be synonymous with fashion, how do you do it?
In all honesty, I don't know. I don't understand why people keep saying that because I know that I don't do anything different from the next woman. I just wear whatever, you know?

Singer Tank Slams Kanye West For Posting Kim Kardashian's Nude Pics Online

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A few days ago, Kanye West plastered his Twitter wall with nude photos of his wife Kim Kardashian, see photos here, while calling himself a lucky man and congratulating her for various achievements. Now, R&B singer Tank has called out the rapper for his actions, saying a married man should be about protecting the privacy of his wife and not trolling other men to lust after her.

Tank made his feeling known on the ‘Have a Seat Talk Show’ during a segment called ‘Golden Chair’in which celebrity guests name celebs they feel should “have a seat.” Tank went ahead to say he thinks Kanye West should take a seat for posting Kim Kardashian's nude pics.

'Friends with Benefits' Never Really Work - Toke Makinwa

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What are your thoughts on having the term 'Friends with Benefits'? TV and radio personality Toke Makinwa seems to believe that they can never work out as one or the other person starts catching feelings.

In her latest vlog, Toke answers a reader who sent in an agony aunt mail about now being caught in a love triangle after falling in love with her sex buddy. According to the mail, the guy has found a girlfriend and though he still sleeps with the sender, only sees her as a friend. How tormenting, right? Watch Toke below...

Nigerian Man Arrested at Airport Trying to Smuggle Drugs In Gala Sausage Rolls

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A Nigerian man was arrested on Wednesday after being caught with 35.115 kilogramme of cannabis smuggled in Gala sausage rolls, which he was planning to transport to China. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) arrested the 33-year-old man named Friday Ogbonna, during the pre-boarding security screening process at the international wing of the Lagos Airport.

Man's Ex and New Girlfriend Jump Into A River To See Who He'll Save - Guess What He Does?

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Two women who were struggling over a man decided to take test him, and so they both jumped into a river to see who he would save first. The man found himself in a sticky situation when his current girlfriend and his ex both threw themselves into a river - as a way to prove which one he loved the most.

Wu Hsia, 21, had broken up with long-term girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, after meeting new love 22-year-old Rong Tsao. But over the following three months, jilted Jun kept hassling him to get back with her and so she decided to arrange a meeting between the three of them. When they gathered at a beauty spot in Ningbo, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, the situation quickly went to pieces.

Britney Spears Defines Being a 'Bitch' Her Own Way

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Britney Spears has re-defined the word "bitch" on her own terms as a way of owning it when others try to bring a woman down by using the b-word. The child star who has had her rocky moments but bounced back and continued to make waves as a singer and now lingerie designer shared a poem on Instagram, which is titled ‘Bitchology’. You can read it in full below...

Rita Dominic Looking Flawless in Latest Photos

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Rita Dominic looks absolutely flawless when she stepped out yesterday and in campaign shoot for Keystone Bank of whiche she was recently made a brand ambassador. The beautiful and talented actress and producer shared these few photos on her social media. Congrats to her!

Igwe Barca! Nigeria's Biggest Barcelona Fan Shows Off Agbada Swag!

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These photos of a Lagos resident who calls himself the biggest Barcelona FC fan have gone viral over the past few days. Someone shared the photos of the man known as “Igwe Barca” on social media, and most people have found it hilarious. Igwe Barca is dressed in an agbada in Barcelona colors with the clubs logo and footballs embroidered on it, and sources say he was spotted at Ishaga bus stop in Lagos yesterday. More photos below...