Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Keys To Great Sex - Men Need To Watch Porn & Women Need More Sleep!

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A new medical research has reveal that women who sleep more get more sex but for men the answer could be to watch more porn! A separate university study claims watching non-hardcore adult films improves their performance between the sheets, even if the idea may be unfavourable to many people. It counters previous research which suggests pornography desensitises men when it comes to their normal sexual relations.

In the first study for the specialist Journal of Sexual Medicine as reported by Mirror UK, researchers from the University of Michigan’s Medical School studied 171 young adult women. They analysed their sleep patterns and their subsequent sexual experiences. And when it came to having sex, they were more easily aroused than tired women, it added. It equates to a 14 per cent increase in sexual activity for each extra hour of shuteye, said the report.

#EmpireFinale - Jamal Dishes on #AskJussie + Taraji P Henson Reveals Spoiler

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Today is #EmpireFinale and I'm definitely looking forward to the two-hour show down by the Lyon family dynasty. My favorite if the duo of Taraji P Henson and Jussie Smollet as Cookie and Jamal Lyon. When asked on Twitter for one word he would use to describe the finale, Jussie replied, "Sickening" so now I can't wait!

Photo of Eminem's Beautiful Daughter Goes Viral

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Eminem's daughter, Hailie Mathers, made headlines last year when she graduated from high school with honours in June 2014 and according to all accounts, she is doing really well for herself. Eminem rapped about her as a baby in his hit songs Stan, Mockingbird and Hailie's song. And ever since then, the rapper and Hailie's mum kept her under the radar to pursue a more normal life.

Well, a new photo of Hailie, who is now a 19 years old, was posted on Twitter earlier today and has gone viral. Hailie is currently in college and maintains a grade point average of 3.9 and on the school district's website it says she plans to pursue either a psychology or entrepreneurship degree at Michigan State University.

Karrueche Tran Bashes Chris Brown On Oprah After He Calls Her Out On Recent Photos

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Chris Brown and his off-and-on girlfriend Karrueche Tran split up a few weeks ago after it emerged that the rapper had got another woman pregnant, and had a baby. The little girl, named Royalty, was already 9 months old before Karrueche found out through online breaking news, and she dumped him on social media in anger!

Since then, her followers have noted that Karrueche nearly always posts semi-nude photos including this recent bikini beach photo taken in Mexico. After she posted it, Chris Brown couldn’t help but leave a comment asking her not to let her anger at him turn her to a 'thirst trap'

Sam Smith Loses 14 Pounds in 14 Days [Photos]

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Singer Sam Smith broke up with his boyfriend recently, but it seems the breakup has only motivated him to become a better man. The Grammy winner, 22, has now revealed a dramatic weight loss of 14 pounds in just 14 days! With a recent post to Instagram, he wrote;

"Three weeks ago I met a woman who has completely changed my life. Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone in 2 weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food," he wrote on Instagram. "Everyone go check out her incredible book, and start to live healthy. It's not even about weight loss it's about feeling happy in yourself. Love you Amelia & thank you for making me feel so happy inside and out @ameliafreer #eatnourishglow"

Duchess Kate Reveals Due Date For Royal Baby No. 2 [Photos]

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given an update on when her second baby will be joining their small family. She shared the news with her hostess and other people present while visiting a London children's center on Wednesday.

It was previously revealed that Kate's due to give birth in April, but no exact date was given. During the visit to Brookhill Children's Centre in London's Woolwich neighborhood, however, Kate was asked about her impending due date and gave a little clue as to when Prince George will get a little brother or sister.

Mom Arrested At Airport For Trying To Smuggle Baby Onto Plane In a Backpack

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A woman has been arrested after trying to smuggle her baby through airport immigration in a backpack. The mother who was travelling to from Papua New Guinea to New Guinea was caught when the backpack containing the baby was put through the airport scanner.

Vicente L. Guerzon Jr., assistant general manager for security and emergency services of the Manila International Airport Authority, identified the owner of the backpack as Jenifer Pavolaurea, a 25-year-old Papua New Guinean and a nursing graduate.

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Officially Divorced

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After nearly nine years of marriage, and several months of being legally separated, singer Robin Thicke and his actress wife, Paula Patton are officially divorced. While many hoped they would make it work, both have spoken out on various occasions to say they had moved on.

The former couple who met in high school while he was 14, and she 16, were together for almost 20 years as a romantic couple. They filed for separation amid rumors of infidelity and after a photo emerged of Robin Thicke groping a fan in public.

Monalisa Chinda Shows Off Natural Hair [Photos]

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Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, has showed off her natural hair in a before and after photo she posted on her social media. She is asking her fans which they prefer, the first or the second. Reminds me of watching Gabrielle Union on Being Mary Jane yesterday. Most people prefer to have their hair laid in order to look professional. Do you agree?

Family of Woman Beaten to Death by Husband in Lagos Demand Justice

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The family of late Obiageli Anajekwu,  who died two days after she was allegedly beaten by her husband, have petitioned the police for justice to be served on her murderer. The family wrote a letter calling on the Lagos State Commissioner of Police (CP), Mr. Kayode Aderanti to intervene in moving a criminal case forward.

Obiageli was a 37- year-old graduate of Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and had got married to Anajekwu in 2002. After their traditional marriage, his business collapsed and he went back to Brazil where he was based with a promise to return a year later.

America’s First Indian Lesbian Wedding Has a Sweet Love Story Behind It

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When Shannon saw Seema at a fitness class she teaches, she turned to a fellow instructor and said “I’m going to marry her.” 6 years later, the couple are now married, and their wedding was a beautiful traditional Indian ceremony. The love at first sight story is also the first Indian lesbian wedding in America.

The United States is swiftly moving towards passing pro-LGBT legislation, and just yesterday, the Presbyterian Church voted to endorse gay marriage ceremonies in all their parishes. However, the Indian community is still highly conservative, especially with sensitive issues like sexual orientation. See more photos of the couple below...

Aishat Mustapha Fought With Married Lover Over Unplanned Pregnancy - Eyewitness

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More details on the death of Silverbird staffer Aishat Mustapha [read original report with video] has emerged as an eyewitness has revealed that the murder was committed by a neighbour, a married man she reportedly got pregnant for. The married man is said to also reside in the same estate with Aishat, and had argued with her and threatened her after she said she will tell his wife about the pregnancy she had for him.

The man got angry after she said she will report to his wife and struggle ensued. It is assumed this must have been when she sustained the 11 stab wounds that were found on her. Moments after the neighbours said they heard the loud quarrel, Aishat ran out of the house, and it seems that while running she had fell into the gutter.

Patience Jonathan - “God Has Brought Down the Messiah… Goodluck is the Messiah”

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The Nigerian first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, is at it again. Speaking at the PDP women’s presidential rally in Ilorin yesterday, she stated that President Goodluck Jonathan is the Messiah, and that Nigerian women should vote for him. According to Punch, she said;

“Nigerian women, if they (APC) come, tell them that your mother said you should not listen to them. They have nothing to offer. They have nothing to give you, Nigerian women; because the battle has already been conquered, God has opened the way for us. God has brought down the messiah for us. And PDP is the messiah. Goodluck is the messiah.”

8 Dead in Tunisia Museum Attack, Others Held Hostage [Photos]

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Eight people have been killed in a shooting attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunisia, including seven foreign nationals, the Tunisian Interior Ministry said today. The nationalities of the foreigners are unknown at this time.

A spokesman for the country’s Interior Ministry said authorities believe number of hostages are being held captive in the museum and that forces have deployed inside it. Carina D. Klein, a spokesperson for the U.S Embassy in Tunis, told ABC News they cannot confirm nor deny whether Americans are among the those dead in the attack.

Inspirational Burns Victim Turia Pitt Shows Off New Nose [Photos]

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27-year-old marathoner Turia Pitt has had a long road back to health after suffering horrific burns during a fire at the ultra-marathon run in Western Australia in 2011. She spent two years in hospital and had seven fingers amputated during an endless series of operations.

Turia told Woman’s Day magazine she has now reached what she’s hopes will be the last big milestone in her long recovery - getting a long dreamed of new nose. Following a further operation to ‘refine her nose and widen her nostrils’, Turia says she's planning to participate in the Melbourne Ironman next year.

SAD! Mom Dies During Birth of Quadruplets Concieved Via Fertility Treatments

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Erica and Carlos Morales had struggled for years to get pregnant and they finally conceived quadruplets after fertility treatment. Erica was surprised to be expecting 4 babies, but she was looking forward to being a mother at last, and was healthy throughout her pregnancy.

Erica and her husband also discussed baby names. They settled on Carlos Jr. for the boy and Tracey and Paisley for the two girls. Erica couldn’t decide on the other girl’s name. They thought they had plenty of time to figure it out. Tragically, over a month to her due date, her blood pressure became elevated and she was rushed to the hospital.

Heidi Klum's Lingerie Models Spice Up London's Favorite Tourist Spots

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From the London Eye, down the Thames' embankment, to Buckingham Palace, these three lingerie models strutted their stuff as they modeled a new line of underwear. Dressed only in lace panties, bras and garters, the trio posed for sultry snaps outside famous London landmarks to promote Heidi Klum's new intimate range.

Heidi Klum, 41, launched the lingerie range in New York last week. She's taken over the collection from Elle Macpherson – who had produced the line for 25 years. Asked about the collection, Klum said she liked Macpherson's classic styles but wanted to "put my own twist on them". See more photos below..

Widow Disguises As a Man For 43 Years In Order to Work and Take Care of Her Family

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Abu Daooh, the 64yr old widowed Egyptian woman pictured above, has opened up about having to disguise herself as a man for 43 years so she could work as a shoemaker, in addition to other manual labor jobs, in order to take care her family. Abu has now been honored by her Local government in Egypt with the 'woman breadwinner' award after her secret was let known to the officials.

Daooh lost her husband 43 years ago while she was pregnant with her only child, a girl. She said she decided to disguise because her community frowned at women who work. Daooh who wore a “jilbab” and a male hat known as a “Taqiyah” and black masculine shoes around, said she decided to disguise as a man so she could work and earn a decent living rather than beg on the streets.

Photos From M.I's Brother, Jason Abaga's Lagos Beach Wedding

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M.I's younger brother Jason Abaga got married on Saturday March 14th to his fiancee, Jessica. The beach wedding held at Atican Beach Resort in Lekki, Lagos, and was attended by only close family and friends, including music star brothers, MI and Jesse Jagz. Preiously, Jason and Jessica had their court marriage at the Ikoyi Registry, also in Lagos. Congrats to the couple. See more photos after the cut..

University Students Manufacture Eco Friendly Car In Nigeria

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The Mechanical Engineering Department of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, has produced a 90 percent locally sourced eco friendly car. Unveiling the car at the weekend, the Head of Department and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Mohammed Dauda, told journalists that it was made from materials sourced from the local community.