Sunday, March 15, 2015

TV Personality Adaure Achumba Sweet Birthday Proposal + Love Story

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Adaure Achumba, Nigerian TV personality and correspondent for various internatioanal media is now engaged to boyfriend Wes Ballance. The couple met in college in 1999, where Wes told her bluntly that she was to be his wife! After a lot of mis-steps, where she dated his friend, and he went out with her french teacher, they graduated and went their separate ways.

However, they tried to keep in touch, and when they reconnected last year, the romance was full speed ahead. Wes proposed on her birthday in a sweet surprise with just few friends around. Adaure shared a recap of what happened on her Instagram page. The hashtags are so cute! Read below and see more pictures too.

Meet The Black And White Twins Everyone Can Tell Apart

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Some twins are so identical they are like peas in  a pod, others are fraternal twins who look different but you can tell they're siblings. These twin sisters, Lucy Aylmer with white skin and straight ginger hair, and Maria Aylmer, with her thick curly hair and darker skin, are at the extreme of that. Both born minutes apart in January 1997 by the same mother, the twin sisters 'couldn’t look more different if they tried'.

Thanks to a rare scientific quirk resulting from their mother and father's mixed-race pairing, they were both born with different coloured skin. Their mum Donna is half Jamaican while father Vince is white. But when they heard they were having twins, they could never have guessed that they would produce twins looking so different from each other.

Woman Slammed For Seeking Baby-Daddy Online After One Night Stand Pregnancy

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Bianca Fazey from Australia had unprotected sex, during a one-night stand with a man in Perth, on April 23 last year and surprisingly discovered she was pregnant soon after. She had diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome in 2011 and had been told that she was unlikely to ever become pregnant easily. This is probably why she chose not to terminate the pregnancy, and she also believes the father has as much right to the child as the mother.

So Bianca has been looking for her one night stand partner since she realized she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she has had no luck, even going as far as posting an ad on Gumtree some months ago, but she is determined to keep searching, especially after her baby almost died at birth.