Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Singer Angie Stone Arrested For Domestic Assault After Violent Fight With Daughter

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Angie Stone was arrested in Dekalb County, Georgia on Tuesday and charged with domestic aggravated assault after a fight with her daughter, Diamond Stone, according to AJC.com:

According to a DeKalb County police incident report, Angie Stone said Diamond Stone hit her in the face with closed fists first. Diamond Stone and Blondy Chisolm, a family friend who witnessed the Monday night altercation, told police they were not sure who threw the first blow.

Pharrell Williams & Robin Thicke To Pay $7.3 Million For Copying Marvin Gaye

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According to various news reports, a jury has found  Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke guilty of copying  Marvin Gaye's 1977 hit "Got to Give It Up"for their hit song, 'Blurred Lines. The duo have been ordered to pay $7.3 million to the Gaye's family which is much less than the $25 million the family was seeking.

"Blurred Lines" which was the biggest hit of 2013 earned more than $5 million apiece for Thicke and Williams. Although both are credited as its songwriters, Williams wrote the song in about an hour in 2012, and the pair recorded it in one night. TI also performed on the song but was not credited as the writer.

Blogger Posts Sanitary Towels With Feminist Slogans Around Her City [Photos]

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A German blogger called Elonë has engaged in her own brand of activism  after posting sanitary towels with feminist slogans written on them around her city. 20-year-old Elonë, from Karlsruhe, Germany, first announced her intentions on her Tumblr blog, and has since posted pictures of her project in action on her Instagram. However, not everyone is happy about her project but she doesn't care.

So far Elonë has put up sanitary towels in public places around her city with provocative slogans including, ‘rapists rape people not outfits’, ‘my name is not baby’ and ‘my pussy, my choice'. See some of her Instagram posts showing her activism for International women's day on March 8 below.

House Mom Sings N-word In New Video As 2 SAE Frat Members Expelled Over Racist Chant

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A new video has emerged of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon [SAE] Fraternity house mom at the Oklahoma University repeating the n-word over and over again while laughing. This is as two students were expelled over their alleged "leadership role" in a video of the frat members singing a racist song which surfaced online two days ago. The video has led to outrage on social media and protests by other students in the school - both African Americans and others.

In the video, several white students who seem dressed for a party are seen on a bus singing, clapping, pumping their fists and laughing. The song rhyming to "If You're Happy and You Know it", and goes; "There'll never be a ni**** SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me. There'll never be a ni**** SAE". The song is undeniably racist.

Three French Athletes Dead In Argentina Helicopter Crash During Reality TV Show [Photos]

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Three French sports personalities have been named among the 10 people who lost their lives in Argentina when a couple of helicopters collided. The two helicopters, carrying contestants and two pilots, crashed into each other and exploded during the production of ‘Dropped,’ a French reality show.

The show, on channel TF1, flies celebrities into rough terrain by helicopter and films their attempts to find food and shelter. But what should have turned into fun and give them more fame ended their lives. Argentinan TV showed footage from the crash of the helicopters. See below...

10-Year-Old ISIS Recruit Shoots Dead Isreali Spy In Shocking Execution Video

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From beheadings to people being burned alive, it seems that with each new execution video, ISIS seeks to outdo themselves. The Islamic State militants have released a new and sickening video which shows a young boy of about 10 years old shooting dead 19-year-old Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam, an Israeli-Arab recruit who was captured last year by the terror group after he was deemed to be a spy.

Mussallam, who was taken by jihadists in Syria, was shown in the video kneeling in front of an armed ISIS militant in the middle of the field. He told the story of his training, before he is shot in the back of his head by the young boy.

Middle School Teacher Caught on Tape Threatening to Show Pupils His Long D-ck

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A middle school teacher was only put on a paid administrative leave after he was caught on tape angrily ranting at a class of 12 and 13 year olds using several swear and cuss words. Bizarrely also, he referenced the size of his p*nis and threatened to show it to the children.

A 12-year-old student recorded the seven-minute tirade and played it back to her mother. The outraged mom shared it with the press after she claimed the principal of the affected school refused to do anything about the incident. She had to make the tape public and go to the school district before the man was even suspended.

SURE-P Chairman Fired For Attending Obasanjo’s Birthday Against President Jonathan's Orders?

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Earlier today, Presidential spokesperson Reuben Abati announced that the SURE-P chairman, Martin Luther Agwai, had been relieved of his post  in order to re-energize the parastatal. However, new reports say that Mr. Agwai was sacked for attending former president Obasanjo’s birthday event last week against the directives by the president that no one in the current administration was to attend the festivities.

Mr. Agwai would be the second SURE-P chairman to be sacked after disagreeing with the president. He replaced Christopher Kolade, who left office after criticising the president. The statement by Reuben Abati says Ishaya Dare Akau, an experienced administrator in the civil service is to replace Gen. Agwai with immediate effect. See the government's position on the sack of Agwai below, and the report by Premium Times also.

Open Letter To D’Banj - Enough of the Idiotic Dance Steps, Time To Reinvent Yourself

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Recently, the above photo of D’banj performing on stage in the UK went viral because it seemed the music star was getting a BJ by a female fan while he stood right there on stage with all other watching and the paparazzi clicking away. The picture has given rise to many different people weighing on the Dbanj brand all over again.

However, our favorite opinion piece is written by Joy Bewaji who says her post is NOT a love letter to Dbanj. But if you ask me, with the suggestions she makes in the article, Dbanj could do worse than pay close attention. Read below...

First Lady Patience Jonathan Denies Trying To Incite Violence With Campaign Speeches

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The Nigerian first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, popularly known as Mama Peace, has denied APC's allegations against her, which accused her of making inflammatory statements that could potentially incite electoral violence during a various campaign rally speeches she made in various cities in south-south Nigeria.

Specifically, the party had threatened to report her to the International Criminal Court for allegedly asking supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party to stone anyone canvassing for change, the APC slogan, during a campaign rally in Calabar, Cross River State. In a related open letter, read here, Dele Momodu, an APC member, had called on the first lady to apologize and retract that and other inciteful comments.

Petition Against Facebook's 'Feeling Fat' Emoji Gets Over 16,700 Supporters

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Facebook's feeling fat emoji has been getting some significant backlash, with over 16,700 people signing an online petition which wants to have the emoticon eliminated from the site altogether. The petition is on change.org, and was set up by Catherine Weingarten, pictured above, along with the group Endangered Bodies. According to the page, the petitioners are demanding "that Facebook remove the “fat” emoji from its status options and stop encouraging negative body image among girls."

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world right now. With 890 million users each day, it has the power to influence how we talk to each other about our bodies. I dream that one day the platform will actively encourage body positivity and self-esteem among its users, but for now, all I ask is that it stop endorsing self-destructive thoughts through seemingly harmless emojis.

Former Porn Addict Now Helps Others Kick The Habit - Calls On Google To Restrict Access

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Oghosa Ovienrioba has opened up on her secret life as an online pornography addict. She revealed that she stumbled onto pornography via Google at the age of 14, and by 16,  everyday love scene movies no longer appealed to her. By then she was hungering for and seeking out more ex rated pictures and hard core porn.

On the face of it, Oghosa was a pretty and popular vlogger and Law Graduate, but behind it all, the young lady was being ravaged by the psychological consequence of pornography. From the ages of 18 to 21, she would lock herself in a dark room and watch adult movies endlessly. At her worst point, Oghosa would masturbate between five and six times a day - and watched a total of over 400 hours of adult content online.

Several Pupils Die In Ghana Bus Crash While Going On School Excursion - #RIP

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This news is just so heartbreaking! Several Ghanaian pupils going on an excursion to the mount Afadjato have lost their lives in an extremely horrible accident. The children were from a school in Kasoa going towards Afadjato on an excursion today March 10th when the accident occurred. According to an eye-witness who sent some graphic photos to LIB, the vehicle the children were in was almost finishing the mountainous portion when the driver lost control and fell into the ditch killing pupils between the ages of 7-15 years.

Dad Accidentally Bashes 16-Month-Old Daughter To Death With New Car

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A dad has accidentally killed his daughter by ramming into her with his new car after being distracted by their family dog running into the road. Angel Pitts, aged 16 months, was hit when her father Scott failed to see her wander in front of the car as he called his wife to get the dog,

The baby girl was standing in front of the family's Toyota Avensis when she was struck by the car, and was found dead under the bumper by her devastated dad.

50 Cent's Adorable 2 Year Old Son Lands $700,000 Modelling Contract

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50 Cent's adorable two-year-old son named Sire has signed a huge modeling contract with a children's audio company. The 39-year-old rapper and entrepreneur, disclosed this himself with a post on social media, writing;

"He’ll get $700,000 to be the face of the company. Already, he’s making his own money. He makes his own money."

The proud papa boasted about his little boy. “He’s super cute! You gotta pay for it.”

North West Distracted By Paparazzi While Kim Kardashian Walks Off

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Parents know they have to be more careful than most, and some celebrities including Halle Berry and others have gone to authorities and spoken out about the danger that paparazzi pose to their kids. This video of Kim Kardashian's and Kanye West's daughter North West being distracted by the photographers is a good argument for the case.

North West was walking with her Kim in the airport when the paparazzi caught her attention so much that North had to stop and stare at them, in the process dropping her mother's hand. Kim walked on for a few steps without her daughter before realizing it and she practically ran back to get her. People on social media are bashing Kim right now for ''forgetting'' her child again but I think the blame is mis-directed. See the video and some of the comments below...

Former Ivorian First Lady Simone Gbagbo Gets 20 Years In Prison For Post-Election Violence

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In a case that brings to mind the current situation in Nigeria, the former Ivorian First Lady Mrs Simone Gbagbo has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for organizing post election violence after her husband, Laurent Gbagbo lost out in the 2010 Presidential elections in Ivory Coast.

In a unanimous judgement today March 10th, the jury at an Ivorian court said Mrs Gbagbo together with her husband's supporters, after rejecting the results from the elections that saw her husband's main rival, Alassane Ouattara declared winner of the election, carried out activities that undermined the state security which left over 3000 people dead.

Ini Edo, Annie Idibia, Emmanuel Ikubuese, Others Join Walk Against Rape

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Actress Ini Edo and Annie Idibia, singer Lami Phillips, and Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese were among the high profile personalities who joined others to participate in the Walk against Rape initiative in Nigeria. The walk kicked off from the Archbishop Vinning Memorial Church Ground GRA Ikeja in Lagos. Continue to see more photos...

Wife Charged For Setting Fire to Husband's Penis After Valentine's Day Quarrel

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A woman, Bukola Ogidiolu, has been charged by police for allegedly pouring petrol on her husband, and setting him ablaze, especially targeting his private parts. While earlier reports had said that the accused has set her husband on fire in revenge for a bad Valentine's day where he did not get her any gifts, Bukola insists she has no hand in how her husband got burnt.

According to The Nation, while being paraded to reporters, the 36 year old woman denied setting her husband on fire for refusing to take her out on the Valentine’s Day which happened to be her birthday. She claimed that she had a disagreement with her husband over his alleged nonchalant attitude to her failure to conceive since their marriage over three years ago.

Lami Phillips on Being a Woman In Music, Sexual Harrasment, Tiwa Savage, & More on AML Show

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Singer and songwriter Lami Phillips made her major debut in the music industry, in 2009, with the release of her freshman album ‘intuition.’ Since then, the Afro-queen of soul has created and maintained a sound and style that keeps R&B/alternative/rock music relevant on Africa’s music map.

In this episode of The Africa Music Law Show, Lami opens up on producing her freshman album, using social media to build her brand, women in music and progress, Tiwa Savage as a trailblazer, sexual harassment, and violence against women in the industry. Lami and Uduak also discuss the business of music, her upcoming EP and album record label agreements, death of larger record labels in Nigeria, copyright society of Nigeria (COSON), and much more. It is an episode not to be missed. Listen below..