Saturday, February 28, 2015

Photos Of Foluke Daramola's Children + Husband's Tribute On Wedding Anniversary

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Actress, Foluke Daramola has been married to Kayode Salako for 2 years now after her first marriage crashed. The Nollywood actress shared pics of her children on Instagram today among pictures taken on the couple's wedding anniversary from a few days ago. The two children, a boy and a girl, are from her previous marriage.

The anniversary also falls on Foluke's birthday and her friends and colleagues including Nollywood actresses, Laide Bakare-Orilowo, Faithia Balogun, and Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, turned out to celebrate with her. Foluke’s husband, Olukayode Salako wrote and delivered a sweet tribute to his wife at the event. Read it and see more pics below...

Man Seeks Record For Longest Eyelashes - Credits Secret Food

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Valery Smagliy, 58, a man from Kiev, Ukraine, claims to have the longest eyelashes in the world. Mr. Smagliy says he believes he has the longest natural eyelashes and it is due a special food which he eats. He is however keeping the eyelash growing food close to his chest. The longest of his eyelashes have been measured to be almost 3 inches long, but his claims have not been verified.  More pics after the cut...

Kim Kardashian Shares Naughty Photo With Kanye - What Is He Showing Her?

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Though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have only been together for less than 3 years, they have known each other and been friends for almost 10 years and today Kim remembers 'Old school Kimye' with a couple of throwback pictures, starting with the one above. She also shares a naughty picture of the couple, with the tag, "Ummm what is he showing me lol". I sure love her sense of humor. See the photo below...

Model Lily Cole Pregnant - To Have 'Impossible Baby'

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Lily Cole has revealed that she’s pregnant with her first baby with the above picture posted to her Instagram page. The model gushed over a new addition to her family with boyfriend Kwame Ferreira with the picture of a plastic dinosaur and a yellow post-it note, which read: “I am having a baby!”.

The Instagram photo was accompanied by the caption; "I am very happy to tell you..." and a link. The link is to an addition to the announcement on her site which she says is where it all started, saying the child will be the first impossible baby.

Woman Accused of Killing Nigerian Girl With Butt Injections Says Amber Rose Was A Client

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Last year, Nigerian-British Joy Williams, 23, died after travelling to Bangkok to have cheap butt implant surgery, read here. She was the second Nigerian girl to die in the search for buttock enhancement. In 2011, another British Nigerian girl, 20 years old Claudia Aderotimi, a rising hip-hop star and dancer, flew to the US to have her buttock enhanced in an illegal cosmetic procedure. She unfortunately suffered chest pains after the injections and died in hospital.

Now, after years on the run, her killer has been captured and is on trial for the death. Padge-Victoria Windslowe, a transgender woman who calls herself the 'Black Madam' and the 'Michelangelo Of Buttocks Injections' had on her first day of trial boasted of doing the same procedures on celebrities, but said privacy rules stopped her naming names.

Woman Destroys Range Rover In Cheating Revenge

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The photo of a totalled Range Rover as seen above has been circulating on social media, and women are sharing it as a warning to cheating men out there. Different women do different things to get back at their partners in revenge for their cheating. Remember how Seth Rollins & Zahra Schreiber's nude photos were leaked by his fiancee? Or the woman that left her husband and her twin sister naked in a parking lot after she caught them cheating?

In this latest viral photo, the white luxury brand car is seen with the windows smashed and the word CHEATER spray painted on the side. The gas tank is also shown open suggesting that a contaminant has been poured into the fuel. Would you do this your cheating man, and why? All I can say is... SMH...

Lupita Nyongo's $150K Oscars Dress Returned - Thief Says Pearls Are FAKE

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Lupita Nyong’o reported a couple of days after the Oscars that her dress had been stolen from her hotel room, and now, just three days later, the missing Oscars dress has been found, in the same hotel! As if that's no intruiging enough, here’s another strange part.

The thief is said to have returned the dress themselves, reportedly after discovering the 6,000 pearls on the dress were fake and that the dress is ‘worthless’. The stealers say they want the world to know “Hollywood’s fake bulls**t.” The dress was supposedly worth $150,000, based on the pearls, but if they're fake.... you can join the dots.

Woman Loses 800lbs After Falsely Confessing To Killing Nephew By Rolling On Him [Photos]

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Mayra Rosales was 1,000lbs, and dubbed the 'half-ton killer' after she falsely confessed to accidentally killing her nephew in 2008. Now, after a trial that saw her sister rightly going to jail for the crime, Rosales has lost 800lbs and weighs within her normal range at 200lbs.

According to Dailymail, she said back then that she'd given up on life and had confessed to killing her nephew in order to protect her sister Jamie. Rosales had told police she had smothered the child by rolling on top of him, but her claim was later disproved when autopsy results revealed the boy had died from multiple injuries to his skull.

Robert Mugabe With Wife & Children at Lavish 91st Birthday Party [Photos]

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The Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, celebrated his 91st birthday with a lavish party that was attended by his wife and children along with thousands of party faithfuls. The celebration was held at the famed Victoria Falls resort, the foremost luxury hotel in the country. 2 elephants and a lion were reportedly slaughtered for the feast, which held on the hotel’s golf course.

Photos show several huge birthday cakes on display and at a point during the party, assisted by his wife Grace, the Zimbabwean leader, who was surrounded by family members, cut some of the cakes. He also threw 91 balloons into the air while school pupils and entertainers performed.

Bruce Jenner To Become Lesbian & Change Name to Belinda After Transition

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Bruce Jenner was first reported to be transitioning around the end of last year, and new reports say he plans on being a lesbian once he completes his gender reassignment. The former husband of the Kris Jenner, the Kardashian matriach is also reportedly planning to change his name to 'Belinda.'

The 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist allegedly knew he should've been female from the time he was five years old, read here, but has told loved ones that he 'can't imagine himself being attracted to men.'

Toyin Aimakhu - Marriage Is King In Africa and My Husband Is My Small God

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Toyin Aimakhu has been married just under 2 years, and since then, she has been separated once from her husband for alleged cheating on his part. But in her latest Instagram post, the Nollywood actress insists he treats her well and is her small God. She also had one or two things to say to married women and even those who are not.

She encourages those with good husbands to sing their praises more, like she did when her husband bought her a car for Valentine's Day, and not just speak out when the man does the wrong things. I agree with Toyin that if you love your husband and he treats you right, no reason not to appreciate him publicly. As for the rest, Toyin is OYO. Read below...

'Face Your Studies, Not #TheDress' - Naija Mum To Student Daughter On Viral Color Debate

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Yesterday, Emeh Ukpong, an Nigerian young lady studying to become a lawyer in the UK, decided to share the viral debate on #TheDress [Is it White and Gold or Blue and Black] with her mum in Nigeria. Emeh said when she got this totally unexpected but priceless and hilarious reply from her mum, she just had to share on social media. See the mum's punchline below..

Pedophile Man and Lover Planned To Have a Baby So They Can Abuse Her

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A former police officer and his lover plotted to conceive a baby so they could abuse it, rape it and share it with other paedophiles, a court heard. The pair are now facing jail after admitting three charges of possessing and distributing indecent images of children at Ayr Sheriff Court.

Alexander McCracken, 35, shared fantasies of raping and murdering newborn babies with his then-girlfriend Sharon Campbell and said he would 'deffo rape a little baby girl'. According to DailyMail, police found more than 500 hardcore child porn and bestiality images when they raided his home in Ayr, many of which were passed on to other paedophiles.

Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police - To Be Replaced By Khloe Kardashian

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Kelly Osbourne is leaving Fashion Police on E! but whether she quit or sacked is being kept under wraps. Just days ago, she threathened on social media that she would to quit if nothing was done about disciplining Guliana Rancic's comments on Zendaya  dreadlocks at the Oscars. Kelly Osborne seemed not to be happy with the on air apology that Guiliana gave. E! confirmed Kelly's departure on Friday with a statement:

'Kelly Osbourne is departing E!'s Fashion Police to pursue other opportunities, and we would like to thank her for her many contributions to the series over the past five years, during which time the show became a hit with viewers.'

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Share New Family Photo With Baby, Genesis Ali

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Singer Alicia Keys and her producer husband, Swizz Beatz, have taken some new family photos with their new son, Genesis Ali Dean. In the pictures is their first son together, (Egypt Daoud, right) and Swizz's son from first wife (Kaseem Jr, left). The couple shared the photos from a professional shoot they took to show off their newborn.

Alicia Keys and Swiss have been married since 2010 and in addition to their two children together, he has three other children from previous relationships. See another photo after the cut...