Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ayomide Defends Fiancee For Lewd T-shirt on Valentine's Day

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On Valentine's day, the lady in the picture above wore a T-shirt with the words, "I love f*cking you Ayomide Mi" inscribed on it, and photos of it went viral. Soon after, commentators came after the apparently crazy, free-spirited but love struck couple on social media, while some wanted to know who the Ayomide was to inspire such love.

RML shared his first photos here, and now Ayomide has come out to defend his fiancee, and according to him it was a printing error which they decided to go along with seeing that the 'tees' arrived late. Below is his statement:

Rapper Vanilla Ice Arrested in Residential Burglary - Police

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Vanilla Ice, 47, real names Robert Van Winkle, was a popular 90s rapper and is now TV host. Recent reports say he has been arrested for stealing furniture from inside a home in Florida close to the one he was renovating.

The rapper is facing burglary and grand theft charges, according to NBC. The burglary happened sometime between December 2014 and February at a home in the 100 block of N. Atlantic Drive, Lantana Police said.

Kim Kardashian In Cute Drawings of Her Family By Fans

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Kim Kardashian loves to interact with her fans on her Instagram and one of the sweetest ways she does that is by reposting their fan art of her photos. Check out the ones she posted recently below...

4-Year-Old Writes Heartfelt Letter To Bad Men Who Stole His Dog

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Ethan Ferrie was just 2 when his beloved dog, Fern, was stolen in April of 2013. Now the four-year-old boy from the UK, has written a touching letter to the crooks who stole the puppy. And with the hashtag, #findfern, people all over social media are helping the little boy look for his pet.

In his heartbreaking note, Ethan begs for Fern’s return and even draws a picture of his family, Fern included. See below...

Pamela Anderson Divorces Rick Salomon For The 3rd Time, Asks Him To Leave Her LA House

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Hollywood actress, Pamela Anderson, best known for her role in Baywatch filed again for divorce from husband, Rick Salomon. Pamela Anderson and her husband Rick Salomon were first married in 2007, but then later got it annulled after two months. The couple got back together in October 2013 and married in January 2014.

However, 6 months into the marriage, Pamela Anderson filed for divorce last July, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for ending her marriage. She later called it off, but has now filed again for the same reasons.

VP Joe Biden Get Handsy With Wife Of New Defense Secretary - Twitter Reacts

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Twitter users have created the #JoeBidenPickUpLines hashtag over photos of Vice President Joe Biden getting Cozy with the wife of new Defense Secretary. Stephanie Carter was standing on the left behind her husband as he was been sworn in when the VP called her over to his side and then put his hands on her shoulders. Biden was then seen rubbing her shoulders and whispering in her ear, and Mrs. Carter seemed slightly uncomfortable while her husband was completely unaware what was happening behind him.

A lot of Americans and news outlets have condemned the act. This is not the first time Joe Biden will be caught in such an act, and critics have been vocal in condemning his touchy-feely ways. Many commentators said the video and photos show the interaction as flirty and inappropriate, and wonder if he was trying pick up lines on Mrs. Carter. Read some of the Twitter comments below...

Tyler Perry Speaks On Son's Christening - 'To Be Born In Love Is a Beautiful Thing'

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Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele celebrated the christening of their son, Aman Tyler Bekele-Perry last Sunday and the movie maker is full of thanks, writing on Facebook;

What a special day. Thank you Oprah, Oliver, and Cicely. I know my son has great Godparents. To be born in love is a beautiful thing.

Tyler and Gelila decided to name Cicely Tyson, Oprah Winfrey and Oliver Ripley as little Aman’s godparents. The ceremony was held in the backyard of Perry’s Beverly Hills home inside of a custom-built church. You can see the photos he shared from the event below...

Woman Beaten on Wedding Night By Husband Because He Couldn't Get Her Gown Off

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A bride was beaten by her new husband on their wedding night because he couldn’t get her dress off, a court heard. Amy Dawson was hurled to the floor and punched repeatedly by Gavin Golightly, who lost his temper after failing to unfasten the garment.

She was left with a cut eyebrow and bruises to her face and chest following the attack, which happened when they went up to their hotel room in the early hours after marrying in a fairytale service.

17-Year-Old DJ Commits Suicide After Months of Battling Depression

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This is just so sad. A 17 year old boy,  Billy Watts, from Detroit, committed suicide in October 2014 by jumping into the Detroit River. Popularly known as DJ Kill Bill, the student of Renaissance High School in Detroit documented his journey to his death on his social media.

He snapped many photos from waking up to just before killing himself on Instagram. These are some photos he took on Instagram with captions like "Smile, you' lived", "I'm here" and "Time to see if my watch is waterproof." A few minutes after posting the pics and messages, he jumped into the water. His body was found a few hours later.

[Funny Letter] Angry Bride Invites Estranged Parents To Her Wedding NOT!

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Above is the letter an angry bride wrote to her parents uninviting them to her wedding. 23 year old Australian woman Alyssa Pearce, wrote an angry letter uninviting her parents to her wedding and posted it online.

Shocking Moment Woman Chokes One-year-old Baby In His Pram Caught On CCTV

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Police are hunting a woman who tried to throttle a one-year-old boy in a pram in a Boots chemist before going outside and mixing up with a throng of Nigerian protesters in London. CCTV footage of the incident, which took place in a branch of Boots in The Strand at 12.30pm on January 16, has been released to help the public in identifying the woman.

The footage shows the woman, described as in her sixties and wearing a distinctive striped poncho and deerstalker-style hat, walking the length of the store before approaching the mother and child. She then reaches into the pushchair and takes hold of the one-year-old by the throat.

The Woman Proposes To The Man - Yay or Nay?

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When your bae refuses to propose, you can like to take matters into your own According to reports, this really happened, with the guy's name given as Curtis. The lady went the whole 9 yards with a ring and on bended knees. The proposal took place when he came to visit her at work and all her friends were around.

Would you do this as a lady, and if you're a guy and your woman proposes in public, will you say yes? I'm saying in public, because we don't know how many women have proposed to their men behind closed doors and will come out and clean mouth.BTW, the guy said yes. See another photo below...

Beyonce’s Unretouched Face Breaks The Internet [PHOTOS]

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Beyonce is not Flawless after all, and really woke up like THIS above. Several unretouched photos of the superstar singer have been leaked online and are said to be from a makeup campaign ad shoot in 2013 for L’Oréal Paris. The photos were originally published on a Beyonce World, a fanclub website, and although they have now been taken down from the site, the photos have since gone viral.

Some people on Twitter are having a meltdown from disbelief while others maintain that she still looks beautiful even with the acne and bad skin problems revealed in the leaked photos. See the comments and more photos below...

Dad Kills Two-day-old Daughter By Using Her as a Club to Batter The Mother

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Some stories are just so heartbreaking! A man has been accused of murdering his two-day-old baby girl by using the infant as a weapon against her mother, and appeared briefly in court at the Kgosi Mampuru II Prison in Pretoria.

Alexander Forba Nde, 32, from Cameroon, is charged with murder and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. The heavy-set, muscular man looked at his feet when escorted into court by correctional services officers and sported a bruise on his cheek. He stood wringing his hands behind his back throughout proceedings.

Selena Gomez Topless Photos In V Magazine Get Thumbs Down

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Selena Gomez appears topless on the latest cover of V Magazine but far from being happy about it, her fans and followers are slamming the magazine for what they say is a deliberate portrayal of the baby-faced star like a pre-teen. One Twitter user points to the flowers in her hair in one of the photos below....

'Ummm,,.this is beyond creepy. Not only does she look 12, they styled her like a 12 year old. The hat and the little bows on her hair while topless, not okay.'

Maternity Style - Duchess Kate Dresses Blossoming Bump in Floral Print Dress

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Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William is looking forward to her second baby in a couple of months and at an engagement this week, she rocked this pretty floral gown.

Just two months away from giving birth, little Prince George's mom still founf time and energy to meet up with one of her royal engagements, a play date with a group of excited children at a centre for vulnerable families. And she looked lovely and kept a smile on her face all through. See more photos below...

Amber Rose Twerks and Flaunts Her Curves at Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

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Amber Rose danced Shoki when she came to Nigeria to host Dbanj's anniversary concert, but many were not happy that she refused to twerk. For some, that was the only reason they attended the show. But for her gig at the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, Amber Rose gave the onlookers some jaw-dropping raunchy dance moves. Check out photos and video below....

Woman With World’s Biggest Hips Lands Top Role In Documentary

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42 year old Mikel Ruffinelli holds the record as the woman with the world’s biggest hips. And at 5 ft 4, weighing 109.5 kg, and with a 40-inch waist, the mom of four maintains that she is in top shape, and that women envy her body.

“I have an extreme physique. I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes. I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.” 

Kenyan Runner Crawls To Finish Line at Austin Marathon, Makes 3rd Place

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29-year-old Kenyan marathon runner, Hyvon Ngetich, was in the lead at the Austin Marathon, and on her way to winning the race, when she hit the wall and collapsed to the ground. In running this is when your body begins to break down from long distance effort. In Hyvon's case, it happened all of a sudden, with just two-tenths of a mile left to run.

Unable to walk or run, medical personnel offered Ngetich a wheelchair, intending to take her off the tracks. But determined to finish the race, she declined and proceeded to crawl to the finish line. She eventually finished in third place for women.

Disturbing Video of Singer Afroman Slapping Female Fan Goes Viral

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Remember the song ‘Because I Got High’? That's Afroman, and that is him above as seen  at his show in Biloxi where a disturbing video has emerged of the musician slapping a woman so hard in the face that she falls down

The 40-year-old singer seemed to be playing, and the female fan somehow made her way onto the stage. With no warning, Afroman swung his fist around, hitting her and knocking her to the ground.