Friday, February 13, 2015

Kate Upton Channels Marilyn Monroe In Topless Sexy Photo

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Kate Upton posed topless for her latest photo shoot, covering her bare breasts with just an arm while throwing a smoky look at the camera. The Sport Illustrated model was channeling Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe with her bright blonde hair and dark brows.

Photographer Sebastian Faena first posted the black-and-white snap shot to Instagram, captioning the pic: "Kate Upton brushing her hair. Home NYC."

Oba of Benin is NOT Dead - Benin Traditional Council

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Earlier today, viral reports claimed that his Royal Majesty, Omo n’Oba n’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Erediauwa, the Oba of Benin, 92,  had passed on after been on the throne for 36 years. The Benin Traditional Council has now spoken out about the speculation, which they say has been on for over six months and lacked truth.

The Secretary to the council, Mr. Frank Irabor, explained that it was the responsibility of the council to issue a formal statement, if such a development did occur.

Unemployed Mom Says She's Powerball Jackpot Winner

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A North Carolina woman has come forward with what she says is one of the three winning tickets in the $564 million Powerball jackpot. Marie Holmes, 26, of the town of Shallotte, told NBC affiliate WECT on Thursday that she was on her way to confer with lawyers and a financial adviser before turning in the ticket to state lottery officials.

Kate Brown Becomes Oregon Gov as John Kitzhaber Resigns Amid Corruption Allegations

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The US is getting another female governor in Kate Brown after Oregon Gov. John #Kitzhaber officially resigned his office today. His resignation follows a few days of uncertainty in the government of the state amid allegations of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the governor and his fiancee. The Secretary of State Kate Brown will replace Kitzhaber, almost exactly one month after he was sworn in for an unprecedented fourth term.

John Kitzhaber is under criminal investigation by Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's office, and also facing a review from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, for the role his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes - pictured above with him - held in his office. It is reported that she used that role to obtain private consulting work and the governor may have participated in the corruption.

Is This Don Jazzy's Girlfriend? Says, 'I Swear Dey Can Not Stop Our Love'

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Don Jazzy shared a couple of photos on his Instagram that has got his fans and followers thinking maybe she's THE ONE. The single label chief of the Mavins shared the photos with the caption.

If dem like make dem fire katapot of envy Throw us bomb of jealousy Stand dey eye our progress Dem no fit put asunder I swear dey can not stop our love. When we dodge their #Katapot na #Godwin ooo

Many are congratulating him on how pretty she is and asking for the wedding date. With the title of his latest track in the caption, I think it's just publicity for the song. See another picture below...

Woman Admits Suffocating Her Newborns, Then Storing Them In the Garage

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A woman in Utah has pleaded guilty to killing six of her newborns and storing their bodies in the garage, bringing her case closer to resolution. Megan Huntsman, 49, faces up to life time in prison when she is sentenced April 20. Her voice broke as she said guilty six times to answer for each count.

The infants remains were found by huntsman's estranged husband, Darren West in April 2014 as he gathered belongings from the home they had shared in Pleasant Grove. He called the police after finding the first tiny body in a cardboard box. Authorities found the rest, seven in all, one of which they said was stillborn.

Bigamist Jailed After First Wife Finds Photos of Second Wedding on Facebook

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A bigamist has been jailed for 18 weeks after it turns out he married his second wife on the same beach in Mexico where he honeymooned after his first wedding. The first wife only found out about his second wedding when she went on Facebook.

Adrian Linham, 43, secretly dated Hayley Totterdell for three years while his loyal wife of seven years Liz, 37, thought their marriage was running smoothly. He spent a lot of time away from the couple's marital home near Bristol saying he was working in Bangor, north Wales for his job as a scuba diving instructor.

Nick Gordon Breaks Silence on Bobbi Kristina - Calls Her His Companion

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Nick Gordon who was thought to be Bobbi Kristina Brown's husband has broke his silence today through his lawyers. He denies he will be seeking legal action to visit Bobbi Brown at her bedside. He also kind of confirmed what her father said that the two are not married by not referring to Bobbi as his wife. His attorneys, Randy Kessler and Joe Habachy told Us Weekly.

"In response to reports that Nick Gordon is taking legal action, he would like it to be clear, he is not. Mr. Gordon's only concern is the recovery of Bobbi Kristina. [Gordon] remains in constant prayer for his companion, and he hopes to be reunited with her soon. Despite the incredible public interest, we ask and hope that this request can be resolved privately by Mr. Gordon and the family."

Happy Valentine's Day - Jimmy Fallon Reads #WhyImSingle Tweets

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Many people are looking forward to a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow, but not so the #WhyImSingle tweeters. With Valentine's Day around the corner, Singletons on Twitter are listing reasons why they are single as way to make fun of the lover's day. Now Jimmy Fallon has selected his favorites from the hashtag and reads the funniest #WhyImSingle tweets on his show. Are you single? Leave your reason in the comments below!

Amanda Knox Engaged to Middle School Friend - With Murder Conviction Pending

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Amanda Knox is a Seattle native who gained notoriety when her roommate during a study abroad program in Italy was murdered. Amanda and her then boyfriend were suspects and later convicted for the murder. She was released after 4 years in prison on appeal, and has been back in the US for the past few years.

Now, recent reports says she is engaged and may be getting married soon to someone she has known since middle school. According to The Seattle Times Editor Jonathan Martin, Amanda Knox is engaged to Colin Sutherland and they will be tying the knot in the near future. Martin says the engagement was disclosed to him by a source close to the family, and Amanda Knox confirmed it in an email, though she declined to say anything else.

NYT Writer David Carr Dies at 58 - Tributes and Quotes

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New York Times columnist and writer David Carr has died yesterday at the age of 58. Some of his fans and colleagues have been sharing their favorite quotes from his writing and memoir, and also from the many speeches he gave to upcoming journalists in his Media Equation column for the New York paper.

In his memoir titled, The Night of the Gun, David Carr confessed to having struggled with drug abuse, and revealed how he was able to overcome his addiction and grow into a loving family man. He is survived by wife Jill Rooney Carr and three children. Many have said they will miss him and his honest, witty humor. May his soul rest in peace.

Beckyonce - 'Single Loser : Put A Beck On It' Mash-up Surfaces - Listen

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A mashup of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Beck's "Loser" has just surfaced online, and people are loving it! I'd never heard of Beck before the Grammys incident with Kanye last week, and I'm guessing I'm not alone. So maybe he needs to thank Kanye? Now, not only do I know who he is, with this mashup, I'm hearing his music in a new way that makes me wanna listen to more.

So about the mash-up, it is supposed to put a stop to the question that has been raging since Sunday. Who's better: Beyonce or Beck? A New Jersey producer, who calls himself "Beckyonce Knowles-Hansen", tells ABC he wants everyone to make peace with this mashup of both artists' arguably most famous songs. Find out who he prefers, what he thinks of Kanye, and listen to the music below..

Drake Drops New Album - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

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With no fanfare or prior publicity, Drake dropped his latest album just before midnight on Friday, February 13. The 28-year-old rapper tweeted a link to iTunes, and it turned out to be for his new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. A very apt title if you think about it. Of course, social media instantly went into a meltdown

The new album features 17 new songs, some of which have already been debuted on his Soundcloud page. Some of his tracks are collaborations with artists such as Lil Wayne and Travi$ Scott.

The release of the album comes hours after Drake dropped a new 14-minute short film, Jungle, which featured two short snippets of his new music. See the album listing below...

North West Cries So Much, Kim Kardashian Has To Take Her From Kanye's NYFW Show

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Kanye West had a show for his Adidas line yesterday at the on-going Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, and a ton of huge stars in music, fashion and entertainment showed up to support him. At the event was Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian and their daughter North West, also known as theMost Important Toddler In Fashion.

Unfortunately, Nori was not as sedate as she was at the Paris Fashion Week. The 19-month-old cried so much during the show that Kim had to carry her out so as not to disturb other patrons. However, Nori also had  a good time before then, hobnobbing with huge superstars including Beyonce, Jay Z, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Big Sean, Diddy Combs, and Cassie. More pics below...

Controversy as Facebook Deletes Photo of Mothers Breastfeeding Their Children

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The above group portrait of nude mothers breastfeeding their children was posted on Facebook by professional photographer Jade Beall recently. Unfortunately, the social networking site took it down after men complained it was obscene, according to Jade. She told Cosmopolitan that she understands Facebook's anti-nipple policy, but sees the censorship as a larger overall issue.

If Your Friend's Partner is Cheating - To Tell Or Not to Tell…

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Will you tell a friend that her man was unfaithful, will you tell if it is the woman that is cheating? Have you ever done it in the past, and how did it go? How easy is it being the bearer of bad news?

These questions and more is treated on this week’s episode of Toke Moments, as media personality Toke Makinwa talks about whether it is better or not to tell your friend about a cheating partner.

Valentine's Day 101 - How To Have The Perfect Valentine [Infographic]

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Valentine's day is almost upon us and some people are yet to get their act together and set up something for themselves and their loved ones. Well, if you've come here by searching for what to do on Valentine's Day, you're at the right place. This infographic gives you all the basics of planning the most memorable lover's day of your dreams. Check it out!

Be My Val: 5 Craziest Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Wow Your Sweetheart

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By Chinelo Ngene

Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year giving couples the chance to jet off to a romantic destination close by like Calabar, Nigeria, or Labadi Beach, Ghana for a quick weekend exploring nature or sunbathing at the beach. Much more than just a day, Valentine gives friends and lovers the chance to go the distance for those they care about.

If you’re still wondering what to do or where to go this Valentine season, below is a list of gifts and treats for the fun and crazy guy or girl who deserves a rockin’ Valentine’s Day

Rapist Assaults Woman at Knife-Point Forcing Boyfriend To Remain In The Bed

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54 year old Tilfert Vaughn, was arrested this past Sunday Feb. 8th after breaking into the Phoenix home of a woman he’d seen at a bar and raping her at knifepoint while her boyfriend lay next to her, according to a report by AZ Central.

The woman's 30-year-old boyfriend woke up when Vaughn got in bed, and as the man struggled, his fingers came into contact with Vaughn's knife, causing deep wounds, reports show. Investigators said the knife wounds on the man were deep enough to require surgery to repair the nerve damage he suffered.

Couple Love - Vincent Enyema Shares Throwback Picture With Wife

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Vincent Enyeama shared the above throwback photo with his wife of over 10 years. The Super Eagles goal keeper gushed over the photo of himself and his wife taken in 2004, captioning it with;

"She has always been and she will always happy to have been this lucky."

The couple are blessed with three children. See their photos HERE.

See the 9 Most Expensive Escorts Around The World

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A popular saying in Nigeria goes that prostitution is not a job, I'm paraphrasing here, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, here is a list that disproves that saying. For these women, their escort service is big business! The Richest website listed the most expensive escorts around the world and for the top earner, they can get as much as $40k for a night! Mostly from celebrities and high fliers at the Cannes Film festival. Only in Europe.

What I Know About Love and Valentine’s Day

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by Yetty Williams

What I know about love and valentine’s day has evolved. As a young girl valentine’s day always seemed like something fun that lovers do. In my girlish fantasies I looked forward to celebrating it someday. Growing up though, neither the media or my parents really made valentine’s day such a big deal, unlike today where everywhere you turn, online or offline, you are reminded about Valentine’s day.

Fast-forward to Secondary school and it is welcome to the era of awareness of boys, love infatuation really and the seemingly accompanying valentine’s day. This season of love seemed to create a buzz with everyone either looking forward to it secretly or dreading it quietly. You were either “valing” someone or being “valed” – it become an action in the government schools then.