Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dwight Howard Gets Inappropriate, Grabs Groin of Teammate

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NBA player Dwight Howard was caught on camera walking to his seat but before sitting down, he grabbed at the groin of his teammate. Dwight may have been joking around, but his teammate didn't seem to like what happened. See the look on the guy's face :)

Rockets center Dwight Howard, is currently sidelined by a knee injury, so he didn't play at last night's game against the Clippers. The guy he so casually squeezed his nuts is Isaiah Canaan. See vine video below...

Teenager Undergoes First Penis Reduction Surgery In The World

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A 17-year-old who complained that his penis was too large has successfully undergone the world’s first penis reduction surgery by surgeons at the University of South Florida. The U.S. teenager complained to doctors that the size of his penis was preventing him from having sex, and that it was preventing him from participating in competitive sports.

The boy's surgeons were shocked when he came to them complaining that his penis was too big. When flaccid, it measured almost seven inches in length and had a circumference of 10 inches - around the size of a grapefruit - as seen in xray below. Surgeons described it as being shaped like an American football.

Covers - Taraji P. Henson Talks Empire & Being Cookie Lyons For Uptown Magazine

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Taraji P. Henson, Cookie Lyons on hit new series Empire is on the cover of Uptown magazine’s February 2015 and talks about her role on Empire, black actors in Hollywood, being jealous of other actresses, and much more.

Meanwhile 44-year-old Taraji shows us her sexy and sultry side in lingerie, in yesterdays episode of Empire as Cookie, see below.

Chinese Man Ejected From Hospital By Police When He Refused to Leave After 3 Years

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A 55-year-old Chinese man known as Chen has been forcibly removed from a hospital by police when he refused to leave a hospital after over three years of being treated. Chen had first been admitted into the hospital in August 2011, after he had sustained injuries from a road traffic accident.

He underwent treatment for a total of 4 months after he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis. After the treatment was completed, doctors discharged him, as he was fit to go home. However, Chen refused to leave the hospital, claiming  that he was still in pain, and was unable to straighten his legs.

'Can I Live?' Obama Goofs Around For BuzzFeed To Promote HealthCare.Gov

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President Barack Obama, the leader of the free world as some call him, is actually just as ordinary as you and me! Yes, he does that quirky, funny things we all do when we think no one is looking. Like making funny faces in the mirror, using a selfie stick, dunking a cookie bigger than his milk glass, playing joke basketball, and doodling - a  picture of his wife, Michelle Obama, no less. How cute, right?

The 53-year-old President appears much younger as he shows off how cool he looks in sunglasses, practices his speeches, and when he’scaught by one of his staff members he asks, ‘Can I Live?’ Hahaha...

All the fun is in video produced by BuzzFeed to promote, the website where people can sign up for affordable insurance under Obamacare. Watch below...

Muna Obiekwe's Sister Blasts Those Who Blame Him For Not Asking For Help

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Late actor, Muna Obiekwe's step sister Chinwe Obiekwe has opened up to the press on the illness which claimed his life. Chinwe Obiekwe responded to questions in an interview with Inside Nollywood during her brother's burial. She had some harsh words for those who blame him for not asking for public help. She said;

To those who say he did not open up. I'm going to use this term ...F-k them..Now that he is dead..Did those people come to contribute to his burial? So this is the reason he saw everything and refused to ask for help.

See photos from Muna Obiekwe's burial here. Keep reading for more...

Australian TV Anchor Says 50 Shades of Grey is Worst Movie Ever!

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Lisa Wilkinson wrote a review of the 50 Shades of Grey movie in which she slammed the world-wide phenomenom around the books, and compared it to domestic violence.

The Australian morning show personality said her husband was hoping for nice things the night she saw Fifty Shades of Grey, but to say she did not enjoy it, and he was not rewarded with some bedroom action would be putting it mildly. Check out a snippet from her review below...

Mom In Belgium Burns 3 Daughters Alive, Calls Husband To Listen to Them Die [Photos]

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"Listen to their screams...", an African woman told her husband as she called to tell him she was burning their 3 daughters alive. Reportedly high on drugs, she locked her three daughters in their garden shed and set it on fire, forcing her husband to listen at the end of a phone. She went on to say;

"I can hear their screams but I will do nothing to save them.You'd better hurry but you will be too late to rescue them. They won't survive. I will never surrender my children to you."

TY Bello On Having Her Twin Boys Through IVF, Advice To Women Struggling With Infertility

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Celebrity photographer and singer, TY Bello welcomed a set of twin boys in October 2014 after waiting for 9 years. In the latest edition of Genevieve Magazine, which she covers with her twin boys, she has opened up on her struggles with Endometriosis, dealing with pressures from friends and family to get pregnant, the rumors that she didn't carry her pregnancy herself and the birth of her twin babies.

"My journey to pregnancy was a very intense one. I had just been through the toughest nine years of trying to get pregnant, being confident that it would be a breeze since I had always known that I would make a great mother. It was quite humbling when it didn't happen as I had envisioned it. It was grueling actually."

See excepts from her inspiring interview below:

Covers - 83-Year-Old Carmen Dell'Orefice On Age, Sex and Success For New You

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83 years old Carmen Dell'Orefice has made headlines as she appears on the special edition cover of New You magazine. One of the earliest super-models, Carmen Dell Orefice has been in the industry for almost 70 years, and says she's rocking her age, white hair and all.

"I have had more magazine covers in the last 25 years than I have had in my whole elongated career. Today I am in a territory that business considers unmarketable: age and white hair. Slowly, however, I started to own that territory little by little because I stood up for age."

Tributes For 60 Minutes' Bob Simon - Dead In a Car Accident Aged 73

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Bob Simon was one of the regular correspondents on 60 Minutes, one of the documentary programs we almost never miss in our household. When I got a notification from my CNN app last night that he died in a car accident, it was like it happened to someone I knew. Now, tributes are pouring in from fellow journalists and fans of the veteran journalist. Bob Simon died at the age of 73, but IMO, he was gone too soon.

Pope Francis Slams Couples Who Choose Not To Have Children

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Pope Francis may not want Roman Catholic church members breeding like rabbits, but at the same time he's not happy with couples who choose not to have children at all. The pope was recently quoted to have said that couples who refuse to have children are selfish.

Pope Francis  caused quite a stir after he  branded such couples who choose not to have children as part of a 'greedy generation.' He made the remarks in front of a large crowd during his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square, Rome.'

Valentine's Day Traditions from Around the World - An Infographic

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Some people think a traditional Valentine's Day is overrated; but they say that because here, it's all about red flowers and cards and teddy bears. Who needs flowers and date night at a restaurant when you could have pigs and wooden spoons?

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, and love comes in many forms – and different countries certainly have different approaches when it comes to celebrating the most romantic day of the year. Like the big traditional mass wedding celebration with 4,000 couples in The Philippines or the sympathy Easter Egg for secret admirers in Denmark.

In Japan, it's all about chocolate - 'Honmei Choco' is high quality chocolate given by women, to men who they have true feelings for. 'Cho-giri Choco', on the other hand, is pity chocolate. Find out more in the full infographic below...

Bye Bye Elections, Hello Valentine's Day!

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By Chinelo Ngene

Now the ladies finally get their wish, their fervent prayers for the elections to be postponed have been answered, leaving the men in their lives suddenly in shock on an empty pocket.

There you have it; the man in your life is in shock as you read this. He is probably surfing the web nervously in search of a perfect gift for you or planning the perfect getaway for two on an empty pocket. Even worse, he might be seeking a loan from his bank to finance this just to make you happy this Valentine’s day, *awwwww* he sure loves you.

One piece of advice here, if I were your boyfriend and I’m borrowing N500,000 to splash on you for 1 DAY, please know that i will grumble for the next 3 months until the loan has been fully paid.

3 Problems That Will Destroy a Relationship

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By Jenna Brown

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. In every relationship there will be arguments and problems. They won’t be constant (at least, they shouldn’t be constant) but they will pop up from time to time. Sometimes though, these problems grow and become too big for the relationship to survive.

Before we start detailing some of the problems that you should be aware of, it is important to know that most of the time these problems are going to be outside of your control. All of the compromises and adapting you try to do will not solve them or magically make them go away. It’s a hard reality to accept but it is important that you do so. It might even literally save your life.

Kanye West Called Out Grammys Because of Voices In His Head, Will Boycott Awards In Future

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Kanye went on the Ryan Seacrest radio show yesterday to explain why he rushed up to the Grammy stage when Beck was about to give his acceptance speech after he was announced as winning the Album of the Year award.

The closest the rapper came to an apology was to praise Beck for being a nice guy and well respected as a musician. Other than that, Kanye stuck to his guns, talked about voices in his head urging him to storm the stage. He even went further and said he would boycott the Grammys until they start to respect creativity. Read his rants below....

Bisi Alimi On Homophobia and Violence Against Gay People In Nigeria

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Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi has again written about what it means to be a gay Nigerian. He talks about his own experience of bullying on social media, death threats he got before he left Nigeria and the violence against other gay people who are still living in the country. The article was published on the Washington Post and titled "After I kissed my boyfriend, 10 people said they wanted to kill me - This is what it means to be a gay Nigerian." Read below...

Baby Girl ‘Pregnant’ With Twins at Birth

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A baby girl with a rare, mysterious medical condition was found to be ‘pregnant’ with twins almost immediately after she was born. The foetuses, 8 to 10 weeks gestated, had legs, arms, a spine, rib cage and intestines. Both were also covered in skin one weighed 14.2 grammes and the other 9.3 grammes – and each had an umbilical cord.

The birth was reported in the Hong Kong Medical Journal. The condition, known as foetus in fetu occurs in just one in 500,000 births in the world and less than 200 cases have ever been reported. Doctors are yet to fully understand what causes the condition.