Sunday, February 8, 2015

Boyfriend of Murdered Woman Denies Husband's Allegations - Says She had a Sugar Daddy

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35-year-old wife and mother of four children, Martha Ifeoma Ifewulu was murdered on Dec 1, 2014, and found in her home with throat slit by her young children, read here. I was among those to suspect 52-year-old Law­rence Ugochukwu Ifewulu, blame the Dateline shows where most home deaths are caused by significant others, and he was the last to see her alive.

However, Mr. If­ewulu had claimed innocence, insisting that one Collins, an alleged boy­friend of his wife, had killed her.

"I am not having any doubt or maybe suspecting any two or three people. Even if he did not execute it by himself, he sent some people to carry out the op­eration. I am quite sure of who killed my wife; he is responsible. This is beyond suspicion.

Now, the story is becoming more complicated as the boyfriend has spoken out, denying the accusation and fingering the husband and an alleged godfather of the dead woman.

Nkiru Sylvanus Speaks On Stanley Duru - 'I Can Marry Him. No One is Above Mistakes'

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Nkiru Sylvanus has finally broken her silence on the reports of a secret introduction or plans of marriage between her and Stanley Duru, Oge Okoye's ex-husband, [missed it, read here]. The actress denies any current relationship between them, and says she last saw him 2 years ago. Nkiru says she will not rule out the fact of being a second wife by marrying a widowed or divorced man, and it's possible that happens to be Stanley Duru, because no one is above mistakes.

She adds she was never best friends with Oge Okoye, just colleagues, and though they last met over 8 years ago, around the time Oge got married to Stanley Duru, Nkiru insists Oge Okoye can never accuse her of wanting to snatch her husband. Read excerpts from a interview sent to LIB below...