Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'Ghost Boy' Martin Pistorius Awakes From 12 Years Virtual Coma - Mother Said 'I Hope You Die'

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Martin Pistorius became a virtual 'vegetable' after falling into an unexplained coma when he was just 12 years old. He awoke after 12 years describing how he heard everything that was said, including his mother saying; "I hope you die." He survived and was the first guest on NPR's new radio show about human behavior, Invisibilia.

Martin describes his coma as being trapped inside a weakened, helpless body, unable to speak or move, but with his brain active. Because of his age, he had only children's programs to keep him company most of the time. He says it was his burning desire to get away from Barney, the always happy, dancing, purple dinosaur - whom he hated - that gave him the impetus to find a way to communicate.

First Photo Of Alleged US Capitol Terror Suspect Chris Cornell - From Butler County Jail

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The FBI has foiled a 'jihadist plot to attack the US Capitol' with investigators alleging that Christopher Cornell, pictured above in mugshot from Butler County Jail, came to their attention after he tweeted support for violent jihadist groups such as ISIL/ISIS.

According to court documents, the Ohio man was arrested and charged on Wednesday in connection with a plot to attack the US Capitol with guns and bombs.

Wife Wants To Call Cops On Husband For Wanting Sex Daily - Says He's Too Big

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A woman just posted this on Facebook complaining about her sex life with her husband and how she's completely tired and done. She says he's too big down there, he lasts for too long, wants sex daily, and tries to carry her when they do it. She's also not happy that he gives her massages, plays music and goes down on her in foreplay.

In fact, she is just not enjoying her sex life anymore. She wants to see a divorce lawyer or report him to the police. I want to believe she's joking because this is what many women are praying for, LOL... See her complete FB post below..

Rapper 2 Chainz Schools Nancy Grace In Pot Debate

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Rapper 2 Chainz was a guest on the HLN show with Nancy Grace in a segment to debate marijuana legalization and the fallout continues. She references his very popular videos and his intelligence and college education, asks him why he still supports the legalization of marijuana when he knows it may affect young people negatively.

The outspoken HLN host showed a video of a woman trying to get her 2-year-old child to smoke weed and asked the rapper his opinion.

2 Chainz proudly declared that he has two beautiful daughters and gave a response which is epic. He said the fault is with the parent not the pot! The debate has been trending all day on Twitter with many laughing at Nancy Grace for losing out. Check out the video below...

Horror Comes Online In Unfriended - See Trailer

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Unfriended was trending on Twitter so I decided to check it out. The trailer got me quaking in my boots. It's like an episode of Law and Order SVU gone wrong crossed with I Know What You Did Last Summer! So scary!

The movie starts on the anniversary of the suicide of a teenager named Laura Barns. Laura shot herself in the head on the school premises after an embarrassing video of her went viral. The trailer shows how it seems like Laura's ghost is back to get revenge on her friends, one of whom had posted the video of her. She invades their group video chat and mayhem ensues. Who's a horror fan? Check out the trailer below...

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For 'V' Magazine In BTS Bangerz Tour Photos

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Miley Cyrus may not have the curviest or sexiest or best body out there, but she's sure not shy about showing it off. On her Instagram and now for the January edition of V magazine, tagged the Music Issue.

Miley Cyrus, 22, posed for a friend's camera in behind-the-scenes photos taken during her Bangerz tour in 2014. The photos have a home-video look, no airbrushing or photoshopping, and in all of them, Miley is either topless, in a bikini or underwear or totally nude. More photos below...

NFL Player Shares Hearbreaking Moment He Found Out 4-Year-Old Daughter Still Has Cancer

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Having a sick child can be one of the hardest things a parent has to deal with, and a child being diagnosed with cancer and having to undergo treatment can be very traumatic. NFL player Devon Still has a daughter Leah Still who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer in June 2014, and it has been a terribly difficult journey since then.

The amazingly brave 4-year old has been battling the illness since then and on his Instagram page, the Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle regularly updates his fans on Leah's status. Leah has been undergoing surgery and chemo to help fight the disease and after over six months of this treatment, the family just found out that the cancer is sadly still in her body.

Celeb InstaFashion - Chika Ike In All Black Everything

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Nollywood actress Chika Ike shared her outfit of the day on Instagram to her fans and followers commenting about the simple look thus;

Out and about. All black everything!!! Have a great day people.

The only accessories that stand out, though also black, are the buckle on her Hermes belt and the gold handle on her purse. Hit or Miss?

Woman With Largest Fake Boobs In The World - Mayra Hills [Photos]

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This is Mayra Hills, the woman who loves big boobs and has put her money where her mouth is by getting surgery to continually increase her breasts to their current size. Mayra Hills is a German “model” and she is now known for having the largest pair of fake breasts in the world! The boobs are measured at 32Z (or a XXX cup) and weigh a total of 40 pounds. And this is on her skinny frame.

Mayra is professionally known as “Beshine,” which is the name she uses for her own website. The blog details her breast size increases, including surgery to boost her lips too, and also shows her daily activities with more and more pictures of her massive boobs. She calls them Boobie and Doobie, and in some of her tweets, she confesses that the breasts can get too haevy and then she has to rest on her back!

Church Stops Funeral Because Dead Woman Was Lesbian And Married With Kids

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Vanessa Collier lived as a gay woman, was married and had two children. Her wife, Christina Higley shared the photo above of their family as she asked for the reason why a church and the pastor chose to humiliate them after they paid to use their facility for Vanessa's funeral. The bereaved family and their guest had come for the funeral of their late wife, mother and friend when the pastor of the host church, New Hope Ministries, intervened and stopped the service.

Pastor Ray Chavez said the funeral could not continue since they planned on showing pictures of Collier with her wife, their proposal and wedding photos, their two children, and their life together. The pastor wanted there to be no clue in the picture display that Collier was a lesbian. Christina and their friends are protesting and want their voice heard, and their pain felt. She details what happened in a Facebook post, read below..

CNN Reports That Boko Haram Is Advancing Across Western Nigeria?

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Most people outside Nigeria often have to depend on international media for news of what's happening in the country. And a new report on CNN today was shown with a graphics on the TV that claims that Boko Haram is advancing across Western Nigeria. How true is this?

I'm asking because I've not heard that Boko Haram is in the western part of the country which is really the south-west, or do they mean the North West? But even then, I've not heard local reports of Boko Haram being in North-west states like Sokoto, Kebbi, or Niger. Who can confirm?

Knockoff Nightmares - Angry Brides Reveal Ugly Copies of Designer Wedding Dresses

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When I was looking for a wedding gown, some friends suggested ordering a designer brand from eBay, so it could be made more cheaply in China. I declined, and we went to stores till I found one I liked and which I could afford.

But I've had friends over the years who took that option. Some were lucky and got good look-alikes of their favorite designer gowns, others regretted that decision when their terrible knockoffs arrived.

This Girl Can! New Ad Encourages Women To Get Your Sports On

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A new ad campaign by the English Sports Council aka Sport England aims to encourage more women to take up sports and be more physically active.

Tagged, 'This Girl Can' the campaign kicks off with a TV ad which was launched January 12, 2014 featuring women of all shapes, sizes and ages getting stuck into sport and exercise. It has already been followed by print and digital campains featuring the women from the video.

The 90-second video shows normal women – no models were used – giving it their all, to a sound track of Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On.

Bovi's Scary Experience In Port Harcourt And The Kind Prostitute Who Saved Him

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Star comedian Bovi shared this slice of his memoirs on Instagram this morning. He visited Port Harcourt on a ill-planned surprise to his sister only to become stranded. Enjoy...

 I had just resumed school for second semester 300 level. This was February 2000. My mission was to storm port-harcourt from abraka and surprise my older sister who had just moved to another apartment. All I had was the address to the new apartment. I've always loved to pull surprises and this was my biggest one at the time. I arrived PH in the evening via public transport and traced her new place.

Me wey plan to surprise my sister con surprise myself. She had not moved in. Her present address, I didn't have. GSM; non-existent at the time, her office? Closed. I was practically stranded in the garden city. After recovering from my rude shock, I took the first 2 foolish decisions. I hailed a cab and told the can to take me to a happening joint. The type that runs all night. He told me it was a Tuesday, the happening joints really don't happen on Tuesday. I insisted there had to be one.

Usher Engaged To Grace Miguel - Check Out The Bling!

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Usher is engaged to Grace Miguel his long time girlfriend, business partner, and manager. She is 10 years older than him. The RnB singer has been previously married to another older woman, Tameka Foster, with whom he shares two sons.

46 year old Grace Miguel is a mother of one from a previous relationship and though there had been rumors of the engagement, it was confirmed when she showed off her huge engagement ring as the couple took a stroll in Miami beach recently.

Covers - Kevin Hart Rocks Giant White Wig For Hollywood Reporter

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Comedian Kevin Hart is shirtless and wears a giant white wig for the new cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Shot by Martin Schoeller, the comic talks about being happy and not an angry person in the cover story. This, even though someone in the studio producing his latest movie, The Wedding Ringer, called him a whore for asking for more payment to promote it on social media.

The magazine shared the cover on Twitter and someone said it made sense, do you agree?TBH, I don't understand the white wig.

5 Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

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By Ekene Agabu

''Before I begin or rather let you into what I have written, I must confess that I had completed this article months ago but was a bit apprehensive in publishing it. I didn’t want to come across as being judgmental and if after reading this you feel judged or put down as a woman, please excuse my unskilled delivery, for that is not my intent. And if you feel that I have crossed the line as man sharing these with you, do not hesitate to express your disdain for my impetus.

Having said that, I feel qualified to write this as a man because I stand as an unbiased observer and also one who has had the opportunity to take advantage of these mistakes. But I must confess, we as men have been @$$#*%*$ . Where we should have given, we took; where we should have loved, we lusted and where we should have preserved, we devoured. As a Man, I must call myself to higher standards. Before I touch you, I must respect you like my mother, protect you like my sister and look out for your best interest like my baby – after all, that’s what I call you when I want you!

Nicki Minaj's Ex, Safaree Opens Up - 'I was Being Treated Like An Employee'

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Over the past weeks, various social media posts between Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels have shown that theirs was an acrimonous breakup. However, things seem to have calmed down a lot since as Safaree Samuels finally spoke out this morning on the split, saying he wished Nicki Minaj nothing but the best.

On an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, he talked about why he left, her relationship with Meek, his own new relationship, and more. Read below...

Blue Ivy Birthday Pics + Beyonce Flaunts Real Baby Bump At Ball Game?

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A few days ago Beyonce shared a sandy baby bump sparking new rumors that she was expecting a second child with husband Jay Z. Until recently, the couple had been traveling all over the world for their On the Run Tour and subsequent vacations tours in Far East Asia.

Now the powerful couple are back in the United States and went to see their favourite teams - Beyonce’s Houston Rockets and Jay Z’s Brooklyn Nets - play last night. Some people are studying the picture above for signs of a real baby bump.

Meanwhile, the couple quietly celebrated their daughters birthday on Jan.8. See pics below...