Tuesday, January 13, 2015

See @Zahra_3 - Buhari's Daughter Whose Beauty Broke Nigerian Twitter

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When Obama saw pretty Zahra Buhari, above, he joined APC, LOL... So, Nigerian twitter has been agog after APC supporters put it out there that beautiful @Zahra_3 is one of the daughters of Gen Muhammadu Buhari, the APC presidential candidate.

I found it a bit surprising that some commentators I respect joined in the juvenile fun. But Zahra Buhari took it in good faith. She's based in the UK studying Microbiology at the University of Surrey in her 4th year. See more pics and the hilarious tweets and memes below...

Kim Kardashian On Marriage With Kanye West - 'We're Absolute Best Friends!'

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Kim Kardashian showed off her photoshoot with Vogue Australia's January 2015 issue a few days ago, see here, and now the cover story reveals a little bit more about her marriage with Kanye West. The couple got married in May 2014 but she says they have been friends for over 10 years.

Kim also tells Vogue Australia she and Kanye are "obsessed with our family", especially 19-month-old North West. "We love our daughter so much," she gushes.

Naya Rivera Says Only White People Shower Daily - Minorities On Twitter Disagree

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And vehemently too! You see, Naya Rivera was discussing hygiene while co-hosting The View this morning, where she revealed that she only showers once every three days. As the crowd reacted with considerable shock, the actress explained, "I believe white people shower more than ethnics."

Ehmm... what? I'm an ethnic minority in America and I shower daily. What is she talking about?

On Twitter, there is outrage and the actress and singer is trending and getting so much more fire than she did after dumping Big Sean and getting married within 3 months, read here.

Breaking - Hope Solo's Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

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Hope Solo had addressed the reports HERE about the domestic violence charges filed against her after an incident between she and her sister and nephew. Those charges were dismissed today by a Washington State municipal court judge.

Hope Solo. goalkeeper for the U.S. women's national soccer team, was facing two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault and could have been sentenced up to six months in jail if found guilty.

Texts Allegedly Sent By Nicki Minaj To Safaree Reveal Sex With Meek Mills?

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A tabloid social media account, TheShadeRoom has released text messages which they claim were sent by Nicki Minaj to her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuel in which she talks about Meek Mills, saying; "I was F**ing him in the live room".

She also complains that he "couldn't bring my bags down the stairs" but would come around hers with a gun and send her threatening text messages which she says she sent to others they know.

Customs Officials Arrest Man Smuggling 94 iPhones Wrapped Around His Body

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Custom officials in China have arrested a man who tried to smuggle 94 iPhones from Hong Kong into Mainland China today Jan. 13th. The man whose identity was hidden, was bringing in the phones from Hong Kong where it's cheaper to buy to sell in mainland China where tax on the devices have made it very expensive for consumers.

iPhones are definitely a big deal in that part of the world. Who remembers the young tech who proposed to his girlfriend with 99 iPhones? She said no though. Read here.

Bola Amole Passes Away - Owner Of BIMS African Food Store London

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Condolences! Risikat Bola Amole was the proprietress of Bims African Food Store, one of the biggest African stores in London Peckham. She was also the National President of the Association of Food Importers and Exporters. Late Mrs. Amole who is said to have died in her 50s in Ibadan a few days ago owned one of the houses in billionaires’ axis in Iyaganku GRA, Ibadan.

She was described as one of the wealthiest women in Ibadan as well as London where she's based. Mrs Amole was as at the time of her death vying for a federal rep seat for Oyo State in this forthcoming elections.

New Fashion Police Host Kathy Griffin Slams Amal Clooney's Gloves At Golden Globes

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Comedian Kathy Griffin has just stepped into Joan Rivers' shoes as top host of E! Fashion Police and her first traffic stop is George Clooney's new wife Amal Alamuddin and her outfit for Sunday night's Golden Globes. The annoying thing about the attire was the gloves, according to Kathy Griffin;

'I thought it was weird she had those gloves that remind me of, like, a porn scene, where the guy goes home and there’s the naughty dishwasher and she only has the gloves.'

Wife Chops Off Cheating Husband's Manhood A Second Time After It's Re-attached In Hospital

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A Chinese woman has been arrested after she allegedly chopped off her cheating husband's penis for the second time. According to reports, 30-year old Feng was enraged when her husband, Fan Lung, 32, also the father of their five children, used her phone to send his 21-year-old lover Zhang Hung, a salacious email while he was in their marital home.

Fan Lung forgot to log out of his account and the stunned wife came across the message along with several others. She's said to have grabbed a pair of scissors, gone to where he was sleeping in their bedroom and snipped off his manhood in anger. Fan Lung was rushed to hospital, where the organ was sewn back on.

Would You Eat This Disgusting Baby Shower Cake?

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This is one of the most shockingly digusting things I'd ever seen, and I'm counting a deeply offensive black person cake served at an art gallery, and a virginity cake served at a bridal shower which I also found very disturbing.

When I first saw these pictures on Facebook I was stopped in my tracks and wondered what sick and evil mind came up with such an idea. Was it made by anti-abortionists as a protest art or what? And then to find out that a mom-to-be made the cake for her baby shower party, I shuddered.

30-Year-Old Woman Needs Advice To Help Her Leave Abusive Marriage

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I am Mrs. Uche, I got married 2 years ago to a man who lives and works abroad.  I am currently going through some hell called marriage. I am abused psychologically, emotionally, financially and otherwise.

It all started a year after our wedding. That same sumptuous guy I thought was an angel changed automatically into a legendary nightmare. I stopped seeing those characteristics I thought he had before we walked down the aisle to profess our love.
He became so arrogant, wicked and proud.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Lookalike Takes Instagram By Storm!

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Kim Kardashian-West and her older sister Kourtney Kardashian resemble each other, no question about that, but when one person looks so much like both women, then it becomes clear how much alike they really are. That person is an Indian model who goes by the name @Zoeraii on Instagram.

The model opened her Instagram page a few days ago and she already has a large following most of them fans and followers of Kim Kardashian or Kourtney Kardashian or both.

What do you think? Does she look like Kim, or more like Kourtney?

#JeSuisCharlie - New Charlie Hebdo Cover Features Crying Prophet Mohammed

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Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine that was recently attacked by the Kouachi brothers who killed four of their top cartoonists and 8 others, are going ahead with their work. And that includes a new edition featuring a cover that depicts Prophet Mohammed carrying the Je Suis Charlie sign.

Je Suis Charlie became the rallying slogan after the terror attacks that rocked France, leaving 17 dead including the Je Suis Charlie staff, 3 policemen and 4 people trapped in a hostage situation at a Jewish Kosher market.

80-Year-Old Retired Principal Wins $326 Million In Mega Millions Jackpot

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Harold Diamond, an 80 year old retired school principal is the sole winner of a Mega Millions jackpot worth $326 million which was drawn on Nov. 4. Officials say this is the biggest prize in New York Lottery history. Diamond said he waited to cash in his ticket until after Jan. 1 for tax reasons.

Harold Diamond received his giant ceremonial check to Diamond on Monday after he chose to take the cash value of the annuitized prize, which comes to about $130 million after taxes.

Zooey Deschanel Expecting First Child With Boyfriend Jacob Pechenik

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Congratulations to Zooey Deschanel! The New Girl star has just announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik. The couple are expecting her first child this summer, her rep confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively. The mom-to-be, 34, and her producer boyfriend, 42, have been dating since mid 2014. The co-founder of HelloGiggles says;

“Jacob and I are over the moon. We are so excited to meet our little one.”

*photo Kevin Winter/Getty

Kaffy And Husband Celebrate Children's Birthdays With The Okoyes [Photos]

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Kaffy, real names Kafayat Shafau-Ameh and her husband Papi J Ameh celebrated their children, son Sean, and daughter Elianna, adding one year each. Some of their celebrity guests included Paul Okoye and wife Lola Omotayo, as well as the Bracket music duo, Smash and Vast. See more photos below...