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#RelationshipGoals and Other Popular Social-media inspired Relationship issues

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Being in a relationship is such a wonderful phase one will go through at some point in one’s life. It is where the consciousness gets feed off from an unexplainable emotion that drives us to be a better person. Dating is such a universal idea this despite the vast difference in practice from different cultures around the world. Just like any of the great ideas of the ancient times, relationship or dating is an emancipation comparable to the renaissance that gave purpose to the thoughts of mankind.
As the growth of the social-media shoot to an all-time high, and right now as the society looms to be nuzzling under the shed of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Empire and other social media big wigs that caught the fancy of everyone, what it has done to the humanity right now always prompts such lengthy debate about its pros and cons. Our conventional way of dealing with the mass media has taken up a notch. While some perceive this as a step forward to advancement in innovative feats, others looked down to this as blasphemy to the sacred norms.
And nothing bore the brunt of such controversy more than it did to the relationship issues that is somewhat veering from what most of us knew about it. How most people now deal with relationship in such candor of the liberal kind exposes its susceptibility while discrediting the reductionism of conventional thoughts on relationships.
Relationship goal on social media
A greater percentage of the youth right now are exposed on both the whims and danger of being in a relationship because a greater part of this evolution define the current norms of how a person must live his life—they made not being in a relationship un-cool to most standards, or made it appear that less involvement to it is a deduction to one’s character and strength (one can be simply deduced as a loser by merely not being involved with one). (Hashtag) #RelationshipGoals proliferate the social media right now like it’s something of a meritorious objective one must achieve under such extreme peer pressure (in this case, social media pressure). People put up these outlandish relationship plans like a life-altering decision—like one’s life depend on it…like this is the only matters in their whole goddamn world. Jeez, even a search for a psychic chat service has all the intents of and plotting just to achieve a so-called relationship goal! I kind of consider this as an attack to such honest profession, like its being made fun of.
But the butt of the joke really is the fact that as this type of triviality is taking away the emotional growth a relationship can bring to a person. The more it becomes nonsense, the more its merits lost in our consciousness. We tend to amplify such insecurities to the point that we concern ourselves more on what others might think about how you are being involved in a relationship rather than the growth you must develop into with your love ones.
How bad it has become?
While it is true that relationship is such a priority that requires attention—this is not about seeking attention to drumbeat one’s relationship activities and status. Not only this is invasive of a relationship’s privacy, it makes total nonsense too because relationship is not something we owe to the public, ergo, in this day and age—social media. It would’ve been okay to at least let it be known about some feats or celebrations a relationship has achieved, but it seems this being saturated with time-to-time (not timely) updates of one’s relationship activities. It’s hard to fathom this developing psychological predisposition of the people towards the influence of social media. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.
Too much of something is bad enough
It’s not much of a sin to be proud of one’s relationship status especially if you are in one with something that exudes so much positive energies and emanate inspiration. But what’s happening right now in the world of social media has essentially defeated that purposes. While it is possible that you could generate admiration from others for self-gratification, it is more likely to actually attract negativity as it may led into some online bashing that has been the cup of tea of most that frequents the social media boards. Ever wonder why high profile individual preferred these types of things up to themselves? Because you just draw unsavory opinions from people that you don’t know and wouldn’t care about! So why bother? But I guess our propensity to gloat onto some superficial things that we don’t even know if it’s valuable or not more often than not comes into play.
But I guess a lot could call me cynic when I say that putting social media at the forefront of one’s relationship is such a loser’s idea and get everyone riled up like they have an axe to grind. But come to think about why you went through great lengths (unless otherwise) just to be on this relationship only to make it vulnerable from other’s subjectivism. That just doesn’t make total sense to me.
But hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion! And as such, I’d be thrilled what most of you consider as the proper way of putting your relationship in the social media. My stand is that we should put a stop to that idea of putting one’s relationship a blow by blow feed in the social media instead of keeping it real. Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting here.

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