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7 Tips To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

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By Sophie Addison

According to available statistic, most women suffer back pains at the period of pregnancy. Sometimes it is normal. It is vital to take care of yourself during this period. There is no pointy in putting yourself in misery for the nine months. There are ways you can prevent these pains and also reduce them. There are methods that most doctors recommend to pregnant women for use to ease the back pains to provide complete relieve. Learn these methods from the points below.
Prenatal Yoga
Most women turn to prenatal yoga to get relieve from back pain. Back pain may make you inactive during your pregnancy.  Try yoga from pain relief on muscles, the back the joints and the nerves.  The cause of the pains in these parts could be the weight of the pregnancy. It may make you hurt. Prenatal yoga is essential for the improvement of a pregnant woman’s posture. Prenatal yoga not only relieves the pains on the back and joints but aids in relieving stress.  It also helps pregnant women to have better nights as it makes them sleep better. It provides focus and grounding in the midst of hormones and emotions that change in women during pregnancy.
Physical Therapy
Physical therapists help pregnant women to work through reducing and relieving the back pain. The therapist helps the women by manipulating the joints, nerve joints and the muscles. They provide and guide the women in exercises. They provide guidelines that pregnant women need if they are alone at home. They teach women how to sit, bend down, bend forward, stand, lie down and exercise.
Most doctors recommend swimming exercise to pregnant women. The exercise is good and essential for taking pressure off the spine.

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Sleep Support
During the nine months of pregnancy, sleep is elusive. Sleep support is important especially if the back is in pain most of the times. Most of the women at this time have to sleep on their sides since the back is too painful. There is the need to have support while you sleep. Use a folded towel and place it on the waist. Have it on the part of the spine where it is droopy, and this is to ensure that you do not have to keep adjusting the towel for support after you lay on the bed to sleep. Even if you happen to roll over during sleep time, you will not need to adjust the towel. You can also attempt sleeping on one side while placing a pillow between the knees. Sleeping on the side is essential for reducing the stain that builds up on the lower back and pelvis. Sleeping on the side, in addition, is essential for the baby as it ensures proper blood flow.  Sleeping on the back flat is not good or healthy for the growth of the baby.  It is also somehow uncomfortable compared to sleeping on the side.  Body pillows also provide sufficient support for your lower back, hips, and the chest. Ensure you have a good and firm mattress to use. Maintain a schedule that is healthy for the pregnancy. Use the bed for rest, sleep and sex. Be constant in your schedule.
Practice Good Posture
The center of gravity tends to shift forward as you progress in your pregnancy, and this is because the baby is growing and you are putting or adding more weight. Some women compensate for this by leaning. Unfortunately, leaning the back strains the muscles and may be a cause for back pain. To avoid the back pain, ensure you maintain a good posture. It may require practice. Good posture includes standing without leaning, be straight. Keep the shoulders back and ensure that you are not locking your knees. Sit carefully and use a chair that is supportive of your back. You can use a pillow for your lower back. Have a low stool to prop feet on.
Meditation is necessary for pregnant mothers. You do not need any appointment for yoga. You can do it anytime and anyplace. Access is thus easy.  Focus quietly on breathing both inhaling and exhaling. Do this deeply. You can use music that is calming in nature or have your meditation silently. It is essential for reduction of stress that may be a major cause for the back pains.  Meditation aids in relieving pain and increases your tolerance to back pains. Meditation can help you get handy in persevering the back and the labor pains. Meditation thus has more benefits than relaxing and easing stress.
Wear Proper Shoes
Some women want to maintain style even when they are pregnant.  If your choice is high heels and you are expectant, then you are making a wrong choice. It is essential to select low heels and flat shoes when pregnant. Losing balance when you use high heels is possible. This can result to a fall that may cost you your baby or bad back pains. The poor shoe choice is likely to cause balance issues for your body and thus contribute to more pains on your back
In conclusion, back pains are stressing for pregnant women. It is essential therefore to follow the tips to avoid and relieve the pains. These tips can help you have easier nine months. If the pains are too much, however, it is always good to visit the clinic for checkups. The tips are easy to follow and have no costs.
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