Monday, November 2, 2015

My Guy Crush Cannot Speak Good English

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I'm 17 his 20 in college but he didn't come to America at an early age but when I first saw him I could stop smiling he was so nice and handsome definitely my type but then he started speaking English it was terrible it turned me off literally.

I feel like I love him but I'm scared of going any further with him because he doesn't speak English fluently plus his Caribbean and those guys are aggressive I had made a promise to never date them because of what my mother went through with them.

And once we were talking and he told me that I have an attitude problem and I should know better not to act like that around him because I would get slapped. (I don't know if he was joking or not) but I'm African american but its really difficult to find a black guy that speak decent English and not "broken"English" I'm also interested in other different race but there mostly afraid to talk to me because well I'm black.

I also never gave him a chance to let him in I guess ,he always complain about that but I didn't want to tell him why. I figured if I like him I might as well tell him the situation and even help him out a bit if he let's me . ohh and I don't mind the accent just his geammar


  1. What do you really want? What do you really want in a man? Do you know the right things to look for in a guy? And,at 17? ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  2. Hi Myne, would like to get your advice as well as others.
    I have a question regarding a situation i am facing. I am in my Thirties and I met and got into a ‘relationship’ with good, Christian man that I met at church about three years ago. I really liked him and was looking forward to him making us official. For three years, he never did. We spent most of our time, meeting up, getting to know each other as friends and even getting physical at a point, but I was never asked out. I was frustrated by this and by the fact that I sacrificed my Christian values (to remain chaste) with him. As a result, we had many fights and arguments, i even kept asking him the "Where are we going with this?" question.I loved him nonetheless and sought to understand and be patient with him. I was shocked to find out recently that he is getting married later this year. Still hurt, i did a little digging on his fiancee and was surprised to see she was recently convicted for fraud in the United States and was imprisoned for the crime. Thing is, he may or may not know about this and even though i feel like i have moved on, i still feel obligated to let him know what he is getting into. I certainly do not plan on telling him myself. In all of this, I surely feel rejected and discarded. I spent a lot of time, energy (and prayers!) trying to make this relationship work and feel like I failed in bagging the man of my dreams. What do i do, for myself and for him?


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