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Maternity Dressing That Can Make You Look Chic

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Women who are fashion forward or those who love their style sense to the core freak out at the idea of wearing frumpy looking clothes when they get pregnant. Pregnancy is an exhilarating time of a woman’s life; the 9 months of endless cravings, morning sickness and mood swings can be both exhausting and exciting. While you’re dealing with all that, you’re also worried about a whole new wardrobe with clothes that fit and clothes that are equally comfortable because even the most harmless of seam can feel like a knife under your clothes, during this time. For all such mommies to be, there is a lot that can be done without having to drape yourself in grandma clothes or shabby pants. If you want to look chic even with that adorable bump of yours; here are a few style tips and ideas to spruce up your pregnancy.
Staples you need:

If you want your entire pregnancy to be a comfy yet stylish then you need to stick to a few essentials. Here are a few basic pieces to help you start with:
1. Maternity Jeans: Get your hands on the most comfortable pairs of maternity jeans because these will be your ultimate go-to bottoms when your usual pants betray you and don’t fit anymore.
2. Tees: You’ll have different moods every day and you wouldn’t want to wear pretty dresses all the time. However, loose fitted tees are both stylish and effortless and you can wear them with whatever bottoms you feel like wearing, that day--Yes, even long skirts!
3. Stretchable leggings: These will be your friend when you feel like ditching your jeans.
4. Shift Dresses:  Shift dress is the ultimate go-to sartorial aid that is a favorite of many expecting mothers like Kiera Knightly and Fearne Cotton.
5. Pumps: If you’re not the pregnant-in-heels kind of chic then stylish flat pumps are just what you need, during this roller coaster of a time.
Glam Up the Bump:
Take hints from celebrity pregnancies, you obviously don’t have a stylist, at your disposal for the entire period, but their style can still inspire you to dress up your bump in the trendiest possible ways. So we’ve chosen Zoe Saldana’s maternity looks to add panache to your pregnancy.
Keeping it Casual:
Like we said, shift dresses look great on expecting mothers and they are comfortable too because of their not-so-skin-hugging quality. Like Zoe, you can effortlessly look chic even when you haven’t donned your sleekest and trendiest clothes. A simple striped shift dress, accessorized with a long chain necklace, a black leather satchel and your favorite flip flops, will even make running errands, stylish.

So, if you want to go out for a walk with your dog then this Zoe Saldana look is just what you should dress like. The easy tee shirt and skirt outfit is a must have to make your walks a little more stylish than usual.
Going Formal with the Bump:
You would obviously need some formal wears to go in the right stride with your bump, both casually and formally. So, Zoe wore this gorgeous pink dress to a red carpet but if you’re too tired of the straight shift dress look, try finding a maxi dress fitted around the waist to accentuate your bump. Keep your accessory game minimal with an elegant bracelet and some gorgeous earring. The rest can be achieved by your natural pregnancy glow.
There is no such rule that says you can only dress sloppy if you’re pregnant so get your best dress on and shine with that bump because now is the best time!

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