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10 Clever Ways to Clear Out Adult Acne

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By Linda Daniels

Acne creates spots on the skin surface making it have a non-uniform complexion. This is caused by hormonal changes resulting from consumption of some foods and normal body processes such as menstruation. It also caused by the use of strong chemicals used for skin treatment and many other human causes such as dirt. When most people are teenagers, they are told that when they are over the teen age acne will eventually stop bothering them. However, this is not true because there are people who are over 25 years who still experience the same problem. Does this worry you so much? Now you should be smiling with a sigh of relieving because below are the wise ways of getting rid of adult acne:

  1. Lower sugar consumption
A study was conducted on those people who are cultural and do not consume any sugar, and a very small percentage of them had issues with acne. Excess consumption of sugar causes secretion of insulin to regulate sugar level in the blood. Too much of it in the blood causes secretion of testosterone which raises sebum production which in turn causes acne.
  1. Consume food rich in proteins
Proteins are digested less fast than carbohydrates to glucose. It, therefore, doesn’t raise the blood sugar level as fast as carbohydrates. This, therefore, helps to get rid of acne caused by sugar as explained above.
  1. Have enough sleep
Lack of enough sleep can cause hormone fluctuations which are a major cause of acne. Sleep enhances not only the skin beauty but also the general beauty including the eyes.
  1. Exercise
This ensures the skin pores are open and clean therefore preventing the chances of acne and cleans the one which has already occurred.
  1. Consider natural substances for treatment
Some natural substances like Aloe Vera are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therefore assists in getting rid of acne spots. Other substances include lemon juice, yogurt, garlic juice, pawpaw and tomatoes. Any of these can be used to treat your skin and please ensure proper rinsing after the best acne treatment.

  1. Lower your consumption of dairy products
In as much as dairy products are believed to be very good for body building, its excess has an effect on the skin. Most cows these days receive hormonal treatment, which increase hormones in the milk that consequently cause acne.
  1. Lower the rate of alcohol consumption
Excess alcohol causes acne and pale skin. Therefore, it is very wise for you to take it in limited amounts or avoid taking it at all. When you are at a party with a lot of drinks, always think about how your skin will look like on the next party.
  1. Drink a lot of water
The body depends on water to perform almost all of its activities. Water enables breaking down of larger amounts of fats which will in turn reduce its accumulation on the surface of the skin hence clearing acne and preventing its development on clear skin.
  1. Keep your skin clean
Cleanness ensures the skin pores are kept open hence oxygen circulation in the skin is enhanced. This will help prevent the accumulation of dirt on the skin which can cause acne. Cleanness should be a virtue that every adult possesses.
  1. Be careful with the chemicals you apply to your face
A research by dermatologists shows that there are some chemicals that can be cause of acne which are used by people.  Always use the natural ways to treat your skin and always select lotions with natural organic materials.

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Linda Daniels

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