Monday, September 21, 2015

What We Can Learn About Parenting from Celebrities

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By Jenna Brown

I’m not a big fan of celebrity role models. People who have a lot of money without much by way of normal, human responsibility tend to make a hash of the kind of life that ordinary people have to deal with. They make the kinds of decisions that only the extremely wealthy, and socially disconnected could possibly relate to.

But there is one area of their lives that is eminently relatable to just about anyone. That would be the parenting aspect of their persona. One of the reasons they are so relatable in this area is that almost no one is a particularly good parent. We all make the same mistakes that have been made by parents for the last million years. Celebrities are no different.

But we all have some sense of the kinds of parental decisions we would make if money were no object. Celebrity parents provide a window into that fantasy world. When we gaze into that window, we find that at the end of the day, celebrities do exactly the same things that we would do. While money is an object for the rest of us, there is still plenty that we can relate to and learn with regard to how celebrities raise their children. Here are three:

Celebrity Parents Make Safety a Priority

Here’s a fun fact: Celebrities who drive use car seats for their kids. Sure, it’s the law. But it is also a practical matter of safety. While I can’t say I much care about the celebrity car seats, I am glad to know that it is a thing that matters to some people. There are probably some moms who would not even bother using a car seat if it were not for knowing the exact make and model of the one used by their favorite star.

I only wish that celebrity car insurance was just as public. What we do know is that they have to find their insurance, just like you. There is no special celebrity insurance website. If your insurance company doesn’t treat you like a celebrity, you should find one that does. After all, the important lesson we can learn from the stars is that our kids are worth the best protection money can buy.

Celebrity Parents Provide for the Best Education

Celebrity kids have to go to school and learn reading, writing, and arithmetic like everyone else. The difference is that they seldom do that learning in a public school environment. Whether the children of athletes, entertainers, or politicians, the school house of the rich and famous is usually quite a bit more private and exclusive. Touring artists might even include something that resembles home school, except with private tutors.

Celebrity parents have many educational options open to them. But they all choose only one, the best one. And that is the same choice we have for our kids, the best one we can afford. That is because there are few things more important than our kids’ education, except for maybe their safety. In the long run, education is safety, and knowledge is power. Like the stars, empower your kids with the best option for education available to you.

Celebrity Parents Provide the Best Rehab

You don’t have to be a celebrity to utterly foul up your life in unspeakable ways. That happens to all classes, races, and socio-economic status. Income does not seem to be a factor when it comes to self-destructive vices. The difference between how the rich and the poor deal with a life gone awry is the rehab treatment they get afterwards.

People like Charlie Sheen have had some of the best rehabilitation money can buy. Some addictions simply cannot be healed without residential, medical treatment. In addition, there are other kinds of rehabilitation treatments on offer. While you may not be able to afford the rehab of the rich and famous, there are still many good options available to people of every stripe. When your children find themselves in trouble, do what the stars do. Enroll them into the best rehab available to you. The Charlie Sheens of the world are not the only people who deserve a second chance.

Whether it is safety, education, or rehab, the lesson from celebrities is to provide the best for our children available to us. They spare no expense for their children. And neither should we.

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