Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is Unwanted Facial Hair Stopping You From Kissing Your Husband?

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By Kevin Dicerbo

Many women deal with unwanted facial hair though they rarely talk about it. As women, facial hair is a problem no matter where it’s found but for some women in relationships, the most problematic is the fuzz on the upper lip or stubble on the chin. Those key parts of the face that come into play when you are kissing your partner and they want to touch or hold your face. 
Kissing is one of the most intimate acts a couple can share, and when it’s gone, so goes much of the intimacy in a relationship. But some women do let this important aspect of their relationship go slack in order to save themselves the embarrassment of a rough face.
As founder of Celibre, I do all the consultations at our office and meet with many female patients regarding facial hair removal. A good number of patients are very concerned about this topic as it affects their self-esteem and their relationship.  What I have heard from many patients is that when they start to develop facial hair, it makes them less likely to want to kiss, hug or touch faces with their partner for fear of having prickly, stubbly hair brush across their partner’s face.  A few have even mentioned that because of the proliferation of facial hair that they have stopped kissing their partner.

The most emotional conversations I’ve had with these women involve them relating to me how they do not want to kiss or even hug their partner out of fear of that person feeling stubbly hair on their chin or lips.  I have witnessed these patients break down and cry at the thought of losing that connection because of their facial hair growth. Very sad.  While this is certainly a sobering result of the development of facial hair, it does not have to remain that way.
Some of these women may have used various solutions for their facial hair removal but got tired and bored of the same old tweezers, razors, waxing, threading or bleaching. The common disadvantage for all these solutions used by women to fight the effects of excess facial hair, is that they are temporary and have to be repeated regularly. Other downsides of some of these techniques is that they can be painful, rough on the skin and time consuming.
Fortunately, excess hair growth is an easy concern to address with laser facial hair removal techniques at the Celibre Medical Corporation. We routinely use lasers to remove 75%, 85% or 95% of unwanted facial hair permanently over a series of treatments, irrespective of skin type or color.  We can safely and effectively treat all skin types. For coarser hair and African or darker skin types, we commonly use a specific type of laser called an Nd:Yg or Yag laser. This type of laser light is the safest for dark skin and provides a high percentage of permanent hair removal after 6-10 visits, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.
The next time you feel yourself pulling away from your partner because you do not want him to feel hair stubble on the upper lip or chin, consider that laser hair removal can easily solve that problem, even for darker skin types.  

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