Thursday, September 10, 2015

How To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level In 4 Easy Steps

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By Christina

It doesn’t matter how fit you are; there is always room for improvement. So, whether you haven't broken a sweat for over a year, or work out three or four times a week, read on. This article will show you several ways of taking your fitness to the next level.

Do more today

If you don’t exercise, start doing something today. As soon as you have finished this article, get yourself changed and go out for a brisk walk, a run, or anything you can do to raise your heart rate. When you come back, have a shower, sit down and notice how you are feeling. Yes, you might be tired. But doesn’t it feel like a good tired? Remember that feeling, because it’s the thing that can drive you on to do even more tomorrow. If you exercise already, set yourself a bigger challenge. Instead of doing your mile in ten minutes, push yourself to do it eight. And then, tomorrow, try for seven. Always try to better what you did yesterday, not matter how small the margins.

Take inspiration from this lady

This is Tee Morgan, a 42-year old American, who, not so long ago, was overweight. These days, however, she is a slimline version of herself who travels the world and takes part in virtually every marathon going. She’s an impressive lady, who is an inspiration to anyone, whether they have just had kids or are overweight. Check out her blog to learn more about her remarkable achievements.

Challenge yourself for charity

Set a date, one year from now. Then think of the most ridiculous, hardest fitness challenge you can imagine. It’s impossible, right? Wrong. Sign up to a funding website and tell all of your friends what you are doing. Choose a charity to put yourself through the ringer for. Start training, and get help if you need it from a personal trainer, local gym, or fitness-obsessed friend. Get some of these pink sweatbands for breast cancer, or something wearable for the charity you support. Wear them every time you train and it will remind you to keep going, and why you are doing it. A year from now, you are going to ace your challenge, raise a bunch of cash for a good cause, and will be fitter than you have ever been.

Work on your core strength

You can’t get super fit without taking care of your core. It will help you move better, be more flexible, and develop your strength from the inside out. Do crunches, leg lifts, the Superman, and blast your core at least three times a week. On your first day, do as many Mason Twists as you can in one minute. You’ll probably struggle to make ten if you are unfit. After a week of core, you’ll be doing double that, and after a month you will be hitting thirty. It’s a great indicator of the early stages of developing your core strength. And, the perfect motivation for carrying on your program.

OK, so there we have it. Challenge yourself to do more, work on your core, and put yourself out there. Getting fit isn’t as hard as you think, but you need to start soon - preferably as soon as you finish reading this.

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