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South African Performers Visit US To Raise Funds For Community Development

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Above is a group of women flying into the Chicago area from South Africa. These women are part of a non-profit organization called SAFCO, (Service Association For Community Organizations). They perform Cultural dances and have been to many countries in the world.  They have won many Global and National Awards, including Africa Achievers Award 2015, at the World Leaders Forum, Dubai.

I am showcasing them here so those interested can invite these talented South African SAFCO women to perform. They can perform, during their stay here in the United States (around 2 months plus or minus), as part of the fundraising efforts for their cause. Profits from their performances go towards housing orphans and underprivileged in Africa, and fulfilling the mission of the organization which include:

●      Safety and education for children
●      Health education AIDS /HIV awareness
●      Community building in the slums of South Africa
●      Coordinate community partnerships
●       Woman empowerment and Child development

You can find out more about them from their website [, and], and read their exclusive interview with RML below...

1. Can you tell us more about this organization?   How has the organization grown or changed over time?

SAFCO promotes community development and unity through its  associations with and within the communities. Its activities creates an effective collaboration among the people and NGO s.  Collaborations of community initiatives will develop the communities  in the mandate of social transformation.

It is time for South Africans  to develop their own communities, develop a new form of patriotism  that will create option of self- reliance, in order to achieve the  national goal of eradicating the Triple Challenges which are poverty,  unemployment and inequality. Over the past years, we have grown by increasing of membership in the organization

 2. Can you tell me about the work your organization does and the  program or programs you run? What differentiates you from other organizations?

 Offer extra level of support service via mentorship programme  The common challenges that NGO s or people are facing is the inability  to operate efficiently and effectively due to lack of education,  entrepreneurial and philanthropic knowledge. By offering support  services and consultations via the mentorship programme lasting for of  1 year, an effective programme monitoring and implementation can be  attained. This process is very rigorous and rigid because of the  nature of consultation and services required.

SAFCO is an umbrella body for small NGOs that are based in the  communities that have their goals aligned with proactive change. To  give all NGOs the opportunity for community development productivity through efficient and educated compliance intervention.

 3. What causes or people do you serve, and what are the results? 

 SAFCO is aware of the fact that South African government is still  trying to deal with the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. As we speak, the government and civil society has no concrete strategic measures to deal with these issues. SAFCO’s  research showed in these communities and showed that the community can  actually improve on their standard of living, and create  employment for themselves instead of relying on government.

• Compliant NGO S
• Effective Capacity Building
• More Proactive intervention from the Governing Bodies.
• Most importantly Established NGO S
• Developed communities

 4. What do you think your constituents or beneficiaries would say is  the best thing about your organization?

SAFCO `s main concern is to develop, empower, capacitate and  strengthen Civil Society in the communities. This research was done by the University of Stellenbosch when doing  the evaluation report 2014  This is a clear indication that these organizations look  forward to programme improvement and implementation. 61% indicated yes  without any specification on either programme monitoring or training,  9% insist on more training and 5% indicated more workshops to be held. While 4% of gave their opinion based on the different sectors their  organizations.

 5. How has your program improved over time?

By the growing number of the NGOs under SAFCO umbrella.

 6. What are your goals for the next three to five years? • What priorities will help you achieve them?  • What barriers are in your way?

Our goals are to expand nationwide with more resources and with much more rural  development, and have this SAFCO MODEL in AFRICA   Resources: Land ,Infrastructure and funding’s   Corruption political influences as SAFCO is not aligned with ruling  political parties. It is for civil society

 7. You have come to the US on a fundraising trip, which is usually  done through your public performances. What proportion of your revenue comes from this avenue, and what other  channels do you have to drive revenue? Do you have plans to diversify, so that you are not dependent on a  few decision-makers?    

We are a group of women who are founders and managers in early childhood  development Centre’s and aftercare programs that are based in Western  Cape,   To exhibit our work and to present our missions and goals to well wish  donors. We are opened to any revenues that would assist us in  achieving our goals.

Yes we do as we are open to any donors, funders and partners that want  to support our programs.

  8 SAFCO coordinates other non-profits in South Africa, what is the  strengths of your leadership team to enable them provide this support? 

 Our leadership has passion for the development of the country to  empower civil society.

  9 What is the hardest decision the organization has had to make recently? 

 It was to put together group of women led organization’s to embark on  coalition fundraising for land, infrastructure and basic needs to  better the goals mission of the center’s, t including global  collaboration of well-wishers and donors that are willing to support  this e women initiative

 10 On a more personal note, can you tell us more about yourself, how do  you spend most of your free/spare time?  

Gloria G Gum was born in the rural areas Mzantsi location  Butterworth Eastern Cape, which is predominated by Xhosa tribe. Raised by Victor and Victoria Gum because both parents went to look for green  pastures in the urban area Johannesburg. Being a first born in South  Africa, you probably take care of your siblings that force a child to  a maturing stage.  Successfully completed national high school level (grade 12) at most  diversity Africa College. After completing high school with no  finances to pursue tertiary education, instead founded Soweto Cliptown  youth club. Through community work found a study bursary in standard  bank to study performing arts/ community teachers diploma,.  Went to cooperate media industry South African broadcasting cooperation (SABC), writing community documentaries and combined  community productions. 2008 moved to Cape Town and taught in community  primary schools performing arts. In 2012 founded Kingdom kids (child  development Centre) which focuses at an early child development,  parenting and family programs, social development skills for  teenagers. 2012 elected for national social development ministries  task team (NGO SECTOR). 2013 formed SAFCO which is an umbrella body  based in Cape Town, which has 500 NGO’S under it. 2015 discovered  common development challenge that 99% of rural community NGO’S has  lack of property in order to achieve their goals to humanitarian.  SAFCO is piloting cooperating campaign fundraising project which  consist of 21 NGO’S that focuses on children development, orphans and  venerable children and nutrition centres. In June being elected as an  Earth ambassador in Dubai. On 18 July our Africa campaign was formed  which aims to bring all Africans.

If you are looking to start a fundraiser for a cause your support, you can find plenty of ideas and fundraising kits online.

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