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All-Natural Ways to Protect Your Family’s Skin from Pool Chemicals

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You’re probably well aware of how much damage the sun can do to you and your family members’ skin. So, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking over which SPF will work best for each person.

But your summer skincare shouldn’t stop there. The chemicals in the pools you’ll swim in this season can also damage your skin. Here are a few all-natural ways to minimize the harm these chemicals can do:
Apply coconut oil. As this article explains, when it’s healthy, your skin is covered in an “acid mantle” that protects against bacteria, viruses, and other chemicals. However, this protective layer can be washed away in a chlorinated pool. In order to add a second layer of protection to your skin, the article suggests applying coconut oil. The substance is “slightly acidic and oily” so it will protect against the pH of the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool.

Consume more vitamin C. You know vitamin C is great for your immune system, but did you also know it can protect your skin? It’s important to get enough vitamin C throughout the year, but if you and your family are going to be spending a lot of time in the pool this summer, you’ll definitely want to be sure everyone’s getting plenty in their diet.

That’s because as TheAlternativeDaily.com explains vitamin C’s chemical structure is such that it “works to help neutralize chlorine and its damaging effects.” The article notes that you can get this protection internally and externally. So, include lots of vitamin C-rich foods, such as “strawberries, bell peppers, brussels sprouts, papayas and citrus fruits” in your pool-time snacks.

Shower right after you swim. You’ve probably heard of showering before you get in the pool, but it’s just as important to have everyone in the family shower post-swim as well. This video explains that showering after your swim will help wash off the chemicals from the pool. When you reduce the length of time these chemicals are on your skin, you can better protect it from some of the damage those chemicals can cause.

Avoid direct contact. If you’re in charge of maintaining your pool’s chemical levels, be extremely careful. Wear protective covering so none of the chemicals can come into direct contact with your skin. And just as importantly, store the chemicals in a safe place, out of reach of children. As this information on pool chemical safety for kids notes, a child’s skin is even more sensitive than an adult’s. They could have a severe irritation or burn as a result of direct exposure.

Don’t let skin damage ruin your summer. By taking these precautions you can give yourself and everyone in your family, more protection against potentially harmful pool chemicals.

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Vee Cecil is passionate about studying and sharing her findings in wellness through her recently-launched blog. She is also a wellness coach, personal trainer, and bootcamp instructor who lives in Kentucky with her family.

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