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Surprise Proposal! Nigerian Boyfriend Proposes To Bae With NY Flash Mob [Viral Video/Photos]

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Her favorite City in the world - NYC.
Her favorite song - Wizkid's On Top Ur Matter
Her favorite man - Olawale Fapohunda

Dami and Wale got engaged in August 2014, and are getting married on the 29th of August, 2015 in Dubai. Their exciting proposal happened at New York City’s Times Square with a flash mob – dancing along to 'On Top Your Matter' by Wizkid. The couple was walking out of a store, when the flash mob happened! Watch the video, see more photos, and read the timeline of their love story below...


10th September, 2013 – Wale arrives Nigeria for the first time in 11 years. A serious relationship is the last thing on his mind.
12th September, 2013 – Wale’s brother, introduces Dami and Wale to one another. They get along like a house on fire.
13th September, 2013 – Wale and Dami’s first date. Location: a peppersoup joint in Surulere, Lagos. Also in attendance were their friends Banky, Fola, and Morakinyo. Wale invites Dami on another date.

14th September, 2013 – Dami meets Wale at a wedding he is hosting. Even though there are other people at the party, Dami and Wale zone into one another, enjoying each other’s company and chatting intensely for about 3 hours.
16th September, 2013 – Dami and Wale’s first solo date.

17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd September, 2013 – More solo dates, punctuated by long phone calls lasting late into the night.
23rd September, 2013 – Wale returns to the US. Wale and Dami agree to keep things open and see how things go after Wale’s departure. They are both reluctant to commit to a long distance relationship.

17th October, 2013 – Many Skype calls, voice calls and instant messages later, with tears of joy in his eyes, Wale asks Dami to be his girlfriend. Dami accepts. She has no doubt this is “The One”.

17th December, 2014 – Dami lands at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, USA to meet Wale, for the first time in three months. Wale is waiting with open arms and a bouquet of flowers. He literally sweeps Dami off her feet as they hug. Dami and Wale spend threeweeks together over the Christmas holidays – their best time ever. By the time Dami is returning to Nigeria, they both know in their hearts that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives

Proposal Story:
Three months into our relationship, I knew Dami was going to be my wife. Obviously, if someone is going to be your wife, you have to propose to her at some point … LOL … and so began the brainstorming on the perfect proposal. You see, Dami is a kind of girl that’s full of giant romantic fantasies, thanks to years of reading Mills and Boon. I sure had my work cut out for me. Which was fine though, because she is also the kind of girl that’s deserving of the proposal of her dreams. By this time in the relationship, we were already talking about the future. So of course, she knew a proposal was in the offing. She just didn’t know how or when.

We went to Hawaii together in March, 2014 and I knew she thought it may be happening there. But no way! It would take more than getting down on one knee at a beach in Maui to give Dami the surprise of her life. So the brainstorming continued. I knew there were three key ingredients to giving Dami the proposal of her dreams and eliminating any chance of her saying “NO”. 1. It had to be at a place close to her heart (Maui wasn’t a candidate), 2. Family/friends had to be around 3. It had to be grand.

Then one day, while I was working out at the gym, I had a light bulb moment. I knew exactly what to do. And so I got to work, making phone calls, and researching. One of the first things I had to do was to figure out Dami’s ring size. Enter Agent Flakky Chan (Dami’s elder sister) who executed this task with precision. Another person I got on the phone with was Lupe, Dami’s favorite cousin. She was so stoked when I told her about the plan, and signed up immediately. I also involved some of Dami’s close friends in her favorite city, texting back and forth with them, sometimes even while Dami was right next to me.

The last piece in the puzzle was planning a trip to New York. That was the easiest part of the job, since Dami LOVES New York. Well, I got Dami into New York, threw in her favourite song at the time, and the rest, as they say, is history.

To see the rest of the story, watch the video below!

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