Tuesday, June 2, 2015

RML Woman Pamela Braide - Development Communications Expert and Recording Artiste

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Pamela Braide is passionate about a lot of things, including politics, development and women issues, community building, and also music and entertainment.  Pamela recently released her first music album with the single "Wake Up" leading the way as a social consciouness and personal motivation anthem. Watch the video below and read the RML exclusive interview with Pamela Braide below...

Q: First off, tell us about yourself and what you do.
My name is Pamela Braide I'm a development communications expert and a now a recorded artiste going by the name PDBraide. I love to comment, stick my nose into national and community issues, write music and sing loudly.

Q: What was your first job?
Program assistant at a youth focused NGO.

Q: Is what you are doing now remotely like what your 16 year old self thought?
Oddly it is what I hoped though I was enrolled to study architecture.

Q: Who inspires you?
My mom. My friends. Moments. History. Any aspect of a person could inspire me.

Q: How does social networking help you? What social networks do you use?
It helps me stay connected, inspired and informed, more importantly it gives me an outlet for expression and collaboration. I use facebook, twitter and instagram. I used to be on myspace. I think I was the oldest Nigerian woman on myspace. lol

Q: Life balance is important. How do you achieve that?
I'm not sure I do. My work can be fun and my fun can be work. That's pretty difficult to gauge. I have made a conscious effort in the past 3 years to balance and be well inside.

Q: What’s your personal motto?
I like the quote "what would you do if you thought you would not fail?"

Q: What is the first thing you bought with your first proper pay cheque?
      Music and Books. Always music and books.

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