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Reading Nigeria news online on

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It is no secret that Nigeria undergoes the fast process of development. Today this country is no longer on the outskirts of the world. In fact, it has become one of the largest newsmakers in Africa. Its economy has outgrown the one of South Africa and it is becoming one of the key affluent players in this region.

This is one reason why I have decided to write about the and the importance of finding the latest Nigerian news on Naij. The other reason is that Nigeria is the country I love the best and presently living miles and miles away from it I still daily look up the latest Nigerian news online.

About the

This news portal provides you with the freshest and most urgent information and the latest Nigerian news. We live in the era of dynamic and fast changes that take place in the world and this website provides a vibrant and energetic source of news, fun, information and entertainment for its visitors. Here you can find much more than just news. It provides you with the best music, videos, flash, photos, jokes and other activities and fun things.


Just because I find this news portal not only very fresh and interesting, but also because it is independent. The portal is not funded by the government; it monetizes the website through paid advertising and this means the information it presents is not affected by the state. Nigerian news it presents are gathered from a variety of sources. The news on may not always be likable and pleasing to everyone, but that makes them only more interesting and true. The stir your emotions and evoke conversations; they push you to create your own opinion on everything that takes place in your country. They leave you no chance to stay indifferent.

Another reason why I read and follow this portal is because it presents such a wide variety of information. It is not limited by one main topic or dominated by one idea. People from all kinds of backgrounds and with all kinds of interests can find something useful here. Plus, it covers the most pressing topics for Nigerians: politics, job hunting, education, entertainment, opinions, etc.

Nigeria news online

Keeping abreast of the news is crucial in our modern world. For many decades the information has been ruling the world, but in our days everything changes super fast. The only way to stay abreast is to follow a dynamic portal with all the latest news on it. The news and updated information can help you understand the direction and course the country is taking. It highlights the key events and indicates opportunities you may use to find the best job, to start a profitable business or to make a conscious decision on your education and training.

Only few of us have the time to get online and search through various websites to find the latest news, political or cultural events, entertainment events or work opportunities. That is why we all love social media – getting our friends do the job for us! One you get signed up with a great news portal, it allows you to get all the Nigerian news in one place. That is why I love following and being signed up with it.

And I love the videos feature, too. Of course, you can go to YouTube or other video social media sites and find some Nigeria content there. However, here you get it all in one place. You can just browse through the video pages and find all sorts of things from news to music, from health and politics to some hilarious home videos. You get tons of positive impressions and some of these videos or news can make your day.

Mobile news

Another reason why I love is because you can easily download its app on your smartphone and “get a bite” of news and fun wherever you go. They always ‘serve’ you some fresh and appetizing piece of news here! This portal keeps you entertained and engaged in the vibrant life and events of your country and the world.

Get the word out

Moreover, they let you share your story there, too. You can upload your videos or pics on the events you witnesses or your fun home stuff. It’s a great opportunity to share your life with the world and get more readerships for your blog, if you have one. So, I believe this resource is a powerful tool for many bloggers out there. They can find on their source of inspiration for their own blogs and new ideas to feature.

Personally, I greatly enjoy using this portal and staying tuned to it. It helps both in my personal and in professional life. It keeps me on the frontier of the Nigerian news and I find it very useful. If you join in you can experience all these benefits of; having the first-hand experience with it will keep you signed in for good.

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