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My Experience With My Nigerian Husband - American Blog Reader Writes

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This originally came in as a comment on the post about Nigerian men making good husbands on Can A Typically Traditional Nigerian Man Make A Good Husband? It seems this writer has not had a good experience. Read on...

He would also do things on purpose by carrying out drama. When I would cook a meal for both of us. He would turn around and cook himself something else different. So I decided to keep the argument down. I would just prepare a meal for myself. And when I would do that he would ask me where his dinner is? Always making it his business to irritate the situation.

I took on the responsibility in purchasing the food for the house and paying the phone bill. Not having any idea that, he was in a comfortable position to pay all of the bills. He would always show a lack of disrespect for my feelings; he would act against me by shaking hands with those who were against me.

By dismissing my feelings. giving my enemies enough room to fight with me.he would labeled me as if I was the problem. I would wonder why he would do this to me. His own friends would tell him that he should not engage in acting against me in front of others. That he should take me to the side. If he felt that I have done something wrong. Even some African females who were from the same culture took notice and would say to me that, they do not like the way he was treating me. Dapo brought nothing but stress to the relationship.

To cover up his internal abuse, when the officers arrived he knew they would have to ring the doorbell before they were able to get into the building. So what Dapo would do he would rush into his bedroom and then come back out and greet the police officers by shaking their hands and escorting them to the side. After he finishes talking to them they would just leave. I would wonder why every time when I have to call the police on him they would never arrest him? He would go back into the apartment act as if nothing ever happen.

In the meantime, I am very upset. My child is crying, and this would go on for a whole year. He would make himself to be the kinder person by, making himself look as, if he was a gallant gentle man when he was the one who were responsible of condoning the legal papers was ever deliver to me by him or the police. The victim services unit who assist in crime..issue dapo an order of protection without looking deeply into the incident. He had no sign of assault from me.

It was like they was giving him the right to continue to construct his physical assault into existence. He used the system and my distasteful past to his advantage because, I was held in the temporary custody for two years as a youthful offender. He try to make it seen that I was a potential of violence.

Finally the darkness came to the light. He was not able to escape his final assault this time. He had to check himself into the jail cell for one night. He chipped my front teeth and created bruises on the side of my face. Dapo cannot conduct one successful relationship, this is why it took him 30 years to get marriage.

He waited 30 years before he got marriage had another child at the age of 57 marriage a girl in Africa around our daughter age. from review the video on Youtube. he looked like the bride's father. I don't know what she saw in him which, I believe she just wanted to gain material benefit. It was not love.

If, you take time out to review the video, it appear she was expecting. He has already said I do but after while walking down from saying I do, his guests was telling and shouting at him that he better smile. Than someone else said not at the camera.

It appear that he was not happy in getting marriage. But it left him no other choice because the girl was pregnant and in Africa he could not get away without marrying her. It look like she was a gold digger. with false eyelash, false hair and false nails. Her hair was so short that it was sticking out on the video. She kept telling him to face the cameras. From his body language he looked at her with those same action he had towards me. He would not react in front of others only behind close doors. Yes he was from Nigeria Lagos West Africa.

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