Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kim Kardashian Slams Wendy on Fake Surrogate Report, Blames Pregnancy Hormones

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Kim Kardashian went off on a Twitter rant after she found out that talk show host Wendy Williams had alleged that she and Kanye will use a surrogate for baby no. 2, and then they will try to deceive the public with a prosthetic belly that Kim is actually pregnant.

Kim's language as she slammed Wendy was so raw that she says Twitter contacted her to be sure she hadn't been hacked because the things she wrote were so unlike her. She later blames her outburst on pregnancy, lol and added that she has also been experiencing morning sickness. Read below...

Wendy said on her show;

"They're saying that they could possibly be using a surrogate from Thailand who's allegedly living in Kanye's Manhattan Beach home, and they're also alleging that Kim will buy prosthetics to baby up for every month."

I also read elsewhere that some people are wondering about recent pictures of Kim and asking whey she's not showing yet. But the fact is no one knows how far gone her pregnancy is.

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