Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blue Ivy's Diamond Barbie, Victoria Beckham's Sex Toy & Other Crazy Celebrity Diamond Gifts

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Adriana N.

Diamonds have always been highly valued and sought after, and those who could afford them used them to express affection for loved ones. There are many celebrities who have been dazzled by the beauty of diamonds but some have taken their love for these precious stones to extreme levels.

Marylin Monroe used to say a diamond is "a girl best friend" and undoubtedly, it is also for these famous celebrities we are going to mention, who have given them in more than one surprising way.

Luxury Barbie
Beyoncé and Jay Z wanted to give a special gift to their little girl, Blue Ivy Carter, on her first birthday and thought to give her a Barbie. So far nothing special, but the fact is that the Barbie doll was encrusted with white gold and 160 diamonds. The gift is not bad for someone who barely walks!

Price: $ 80,000.

Diamond sex toy
It is seen that David Beckham wants the best for his wife, the former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, to the point that he decided to give her a very unique sexy gift. The player bought a custom made platinum vibrator with a ten carat diamond base.

Price: $ 1.8 million.

Long Christmas list
Probably Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were surprised with the Christmas list that little Suri asked for at the tender age of five: a pony, several dresses and a pair of diamond hoop earrings. Buy the complete list cost her parents $ 130,000 dollars. That’s a girl who knows what she wants!

Price: $ 130,000

Sparkling pacifier
Every baby needs a pacifier but it seems that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's thought that the combination of rubber and plastic did not seem enough for her daughter Shiloh, so why not customize it a bit? Finally she’s got a solid white gold pacifier with 279 three carats diamonds. Exactly what a baby needs.

Price: $ 170,000.

A diamond whip
Lady Gaga has already displayed her good taste for diamonds, when she wore a lobster shape hat embedded with these precious stones, but she surprised her friend Beyoncé with another equally eccentric gift: a custom made diamond studded whip and matching lingerie set. Yes, the celebrities put diamonds on everything!

Price: Undisclosed

With this is demonstrated that many celebrities are crazy about diamonds, and some have very original ways of giving them away. Maybe the rest of us, mere mortals, are not as eccentric but undoubtedly, diamonds have always captivated all budget people.

Therefore, some companies like Diamond Whisperer help people to monetize their precious stones, buying diamond jewelry they no longer wear. Although is quite hard to imagine Beyoncé reselling his whip or Brad Pitt doing the same with her ​​daughter's pacifier, and not everyone has their astronomical salaries but It will be of great help to the family economy to find a company you can trust to resell your jewelry.

Anyhow, here is a personal advice, even though we all like diamonds, think twice before embedding them in anything like celebrities do. The diamonds show their beauty in jewelry and watches, so the magic and glamour is maintained. But in a case you have just an outburst and decide to buy a shaped lobster hat with diamonds, you know who you can go to resell it!

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