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Tips to Getting Your Husband to Adapt a Healthier Lifestyle

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By Jenna Brown

Why does it seem like most men are afraid of health related topics? From eating the right foods to paying a visit to the doctor, most men would rather not bother…That is until something goes wrong and they have no choice. When I was younger watching Claire try to encourage Heathcliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show to eat right, I never thought that it would become a reality. Fast-forward a few years, and I find myself nagging, yelling, and tricking my spouse into doing what’s right for his health.

However, what I’ve also found is that in trying to help him improve his overall health, it was going in one ear and out the other. Though he’d eat the right things in front of my face, he’d go to the greatest lengths to hide things that he knew he wasn’t supposed to have. I’d find potato chip wrappers under the couch or sandwich wrappers in the car.

So before I gave up on trying to help change his ways, I decided to give it one more shot. Come to find out it’s all about outsmarting him (which obviously is a new attraction):

1. Lead By Example
The first bit of advice I’d like to offer up is leading by example. Though my husband suffered from diabetes, I didn’t and therefore I would fill the house up with goodies for me and expect him to eat the nutritious foods I’d purchased for his health.

This was a bad idea. After talking with a nutritionist who specializes in diabetes, what I found is that the same foods my husband was eating were also good for my overall health and would actually prevent me from getting diabetes to begin with. Therefore, I removed all temptations from the home and restocked the house with foods that were full of nutrients and vitamins.

2. Skip the Gym, Get Active
My husband and I had joined a gym about a year ago. We started going and then quickly stopped our routine. That gym membership costs us about $200 a piece for the year and we used it maybe six times. While gyms are great for those who enjoy that type of atmosphere, what I found is that my husband and I did a lot better when we simply got active doing things we loved the most.
For example, my husband loves to play basketball, while I enjoy walks through the park. So instead of paying for a membership we would take daily walks (15 minutes after dinner), and on the weekends we’d have a one on one session at the local basketball courts. Not only was this great for our health, but it was a great way for us to connect while doing things that we love.

3. Join Other Couples
When you feel like you’re the only wife in the world trying to force your husband to do the right thing, it can get downright exhausting. When I discussed this with a few coworkers of mine, it turns out they were going through the same thing. With that being said, we decided to join forces and try to motivate each other to stay on target. This way, your husband doesn’t feel like you’re his “mom” telling him what to do. Instead, he can come to enjoy a natural lifestyle by hanging with other husbands going through the same thing.

4. Nothing Wrong with a Little Assistance
Everyone would love to be able to do everything required of them on their own; however, we all need a little help from time to time. Rather than ignoring your issue or giving up on options you may have had in the past it may be to your benefit to get a little assistance. When it comes getting assistance in adapting a healthier lifestyle, it can come in different forms for different people. Some options for getting assistance might include:

· Your doctor – if you have underlying health issues which could be causing your weight to fluctuate, the best form of assistance might be your doctor. Talking with them about your condition and what you can do to remedy it can often help you get a clearer picture on how you can adapt a healthier lifestyle without compromising your health.

· A Nutritionist – When you’re not used to eating healthy, sometimes getting on the right track just requires a little education. For instance, my husband, though he had diabetes was not used to eating a healthy diet. However, after talking with a nutritionist, he understood that his diet did not have to mean nothing but water and whole grains; it could include a plethora of things that he enjoyed.

· Supplements – There are certain nutrients and vitamins that we get from our food and beverages on a daily basis. However, sometimes we need a little help. In this case, using dietary supplements might provide you with the assistance you need. The Healthy Trim LinkedIn page explains how using supplements along with dieting and exercise can help improve your health.

· Coach/Trainer – There are times when all that’s missing in your life is a little bit of encouragement. In these instances, working with a health coach or physical trainer can help get you on the right track. Coaches can provide peace of mind and give you motivation to push through difficult times. This doesn't always have to be face-to-face. The online Healthy Trim Coach even provides a caloric intake calculator and healthy lifestyle guides.

Okay ladies, so these are just a few suggestions on how to get your husband on board with living a healthier lifestyle. Leading by example, finding fun ways to get active, inviting other couples, and even getting a little assistance will certainly make a difference in your journey to better living. I can’t say that the road from here on out will be easy, because anything that is new will have some peaks and valleys, but if you stick to it, you’re sure to see an improvement in your health – and in your relationship.

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