Wednesday, May 13, 2015

P Diddy Says No To Marriage, But Is He In A Love Contract With Cassie?

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P Diddy has been in a long term relationship with Cassie, 28, but has had several other baby mamas both before and after Cassie. The 45 year old who recently explained how Cassie was the inspiration behind the sexy video for his new perfume, however says he may never get married to her. Or to any other person. The rapper turned businessman explained this on  Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live where a viewer asked him why he hasn't gotten married. He said;

"I don’t know [if I’ll ever get married]. It’s the whole thing of; I think you have to be ready for it because it’s somebody else’s heart involved. That’s just a lot of responsibility and I don’t want to be going to court and having somebody interfere in my relationship. So I’d rather just do the “Goldie Hawn.”

But I will give a contract. I will commit to a contract, a love contract. I’m talking about where there’s some money involved too if there’re any problems. You have to have an agreement. You can’t just love somebody, take them and y’all just part. No honestly, I just don’t think I’m ready right now [for marriage], but I’m a great boyfriend."

P Diddy is referring to the relationship between Goldie Hawn and Kurt Rusell, who have been together since 1983, but have never tied the knot.

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