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6 Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Home Is Burglary Proof

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By Keisha Diamond

Travel to any modern city in the world today and you will be amazed at the sophisticated security measures in place, even in the most common of all places – home. Why the alarm? Burglary occurs so often that in some countries, burglary is committed every 16 seconds.

Try out this exercise: Imagine arriving at your doorstep without a key, how are you going to get into the house? Think outside the box. Would you break the windows? Would you go through a back door? After brainstorming, you will likely find out a weak spot around your home that you may need to secure.

What makes a house an easy target for burglars? Burglars usually strike when nobody's home. They steal away items such as electronics, clothing or money. It requires some planning to find the perfect target. If you do not want to be burglarized, make the burglars’ goals seem unachievable.

Some of the following are used to secure homes around the world:

1. Human security: Security, Policemen, etc.

2. Electrical: Electrified fences.

3. Electronics: Alarm systems, security cameras, motion detectors.

4. Structural: Huge iron gates, bullet-proof doors, high fences, peepholes.

5. Animal: Trained dog.

Some of these security measures can deter criminals. Unfortunately though, not everyone can afford to live in a high-fenced compound or employ security staff.

Here are some of the things you can do to ensure your home’s security.

1. Make sure you install door and window alarms. If you already have an alarm system, but it goes off every once in a while without being tripped, then you need to have it repaired, or your neighbors might neglect a burglar who breaks in, thinking it is a false alarm. Install motion sensor detectors, and using lighting at night deters most burglars, especially when you travel out of town.

2. Some homes have security cameras at all entrance points. An intercom could come in handy too, but is not always the safest bet as a criminal may disguise as a sales person for instance.

3. Install metal doors with peep holes. You can also have windows built next to the entrance doors. Install a safe for cash, important documents and expensive jewellery. Do not write the password of your safe anywhere. Secure fuse boxes and mains electrical switches located outside the house with locks.

4. Secure your windows with good iron protectors. There are designs that add beauty to the home décor. Trim bushes in and around your compound to give a clear view of the house from the road. Trees growing close to windows or doors could provide a safe hiding place for burglars, so have them felled.

5. Do not hide your keys under the mats or in any other noticeable spot. Give responsible members of your family keys and instruct the younger ones on how to keep them safe. If possible always keep your keys with you.

6. Lock your windows whenever you are leaving, especially if you live on the ground floor or if a tree is close to your windows. Trained watchdogs are very effective in checking burglars.

Last but not least, every member of your family should be aware of the home security rules.

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